Wednesday, July 21st, 2010, 12:51pm ET

Schedule Say Relax

Hey everyone… sorry but I gotta slow down a bit again, if only temporarily. A lot of things are ramping up for me right now and I gotta be able to focus, or else I’ll screw all of it up. This dance probably looks familiar to you, but the difference this time is I still got plenty of comics in me, not to mention a storyline I’m dying to complete. HONEST!

You can expect new episodes “every 1-2 weeks” now… so this ain’t a hiatus, or the end. When I took breaks in the past I had doubts about the future of aLp, but not this time. aLp is gonna live on for a lot of reasons. I just need to lift the stress that my once-a-week deadline was strangling me with. Hope you guys can understand. As I said, I’m hoping this is temporary and I’ll get back to at least weekly eventually.

As usual, the best ways to catch all updates are: follow me on Twitter, join the mailing list, or become a fan of – oh sorry, “like” – the aLp Facebook page.

So as always, thanks for being super great and reading my comics… and SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!!


  1. Charlie

    Take your time. Some guest comics occasionally maybe?

  2. Cat

    Guest comics?*Shudders*No offence to anybofy who does guest comics,but if kind rather just wait for the next comic.

  3. zella

    This comic is the best! If we have to wait two weeks, so be it. I’m happy it’s here at all. Thanks!

  4. O

    Take your time, man, we’ll be here.

  5. DvB

    Hey,slow and steady wins the race,you can’t rush a good thing!

  6. christian

    ahhhhh ALP is definitely my favorite webcomic – and i read many webcomics. So long as you don’t stop i’m fine with it. I think I may go back over the whole archive soon.

  7. Bazm

    been watching for new comics but when?

  8. MrIhunter

    In Soviet Russia the bugs spray YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D

  9. DocWaffle

    Last update was in January, it is now March, I think it’s safe to say this is more than an extended absence. Looks like Bernie is done for good this time but just doesn’t want to say so. A shame really, this was once a quality webcomic, good story arc and everything instead of just a string of one-shots. Thanks for the laughs and whatnots over the years, hope to see more from you someday….

  10. Link0066

    i would wait forever for a comic series this good:D

  11. Alonso Stangel

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  12. blag

    Yeah so…ever coming back?

  13. MT

    Christmas is not the same without A.L.P. :(

  14. website

    How come you do not have your site viewable in mobile format? cant see anything in my netbook.

  15. Drew

    What happened? you still alive?

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  21. Marcos Oliveira

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  22. Dona Afiliada

    Guest comics?*Shudders*No offence to anybofy who does guest comics,but if kind rather just wait for the next comic.

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