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Mind Pollution (Rick Marshall), 9/4/08
Wizard Magazine, 7/10/06


Fleen - "That grim cheerfulness that New Yorkers exhibit in the face of the city trying to grind them down? That's goddamn hilarious."
I'm Just Saying - "Because just like implied violence, where the viewer imagines it in a far more gruesome way that can be explicitly shown, the implied poop has that effect."
comiXtreme - "Probably the most adult of the comics featured"
The Webcomic Overlook - "Make it so... times THREE!"
Kung-Fu Rodeo - "reverence for no sacred cow"
Sequential Tart - 9 out of 10
Korsil Webcomic Reviews - 5 stars out of 5
Digital Strips: The Web Comics Podcast - mp3 of podcast... aLp starts at 8:52.
I Read Comics Podcast (Lene Taylor) - mp3 of podcast... aLp starts at 17:19.


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MC Oral B, ca. 2001
I guess you'd call this nerdcore rap... if you wanted to insult nerdcore rap.
- MC Oral B - Why Am I So Fly (mp3 download, 6 Mb)
- MC Oral B - Where the Popeye's At (mp3 download, 4.4Mb)

How Come You Never Call, 1997
Animated short film, ~2:30
Download (right-click & "Save As"): How Come You Never Call.mp4 (16Mb)
(requires QuickTime. After you've downloaded the file, if double-clicking on it doesn't work, try starting the QuickTime Player first, and then opening the file from there.)

The Claw and Jumpman, ca. 1982

Me at around 8.

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