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  I SAID, High-Res Prints
The episode of your choice is printed in extremely high-res on 8.5 x 11" glossy photo paper. The original artwork for each full-page comic has about 4 times more detail than what you see on the website, meaning you can literally see things that you never saw before. I should probably go back through 'em and make sure there ain't anything you don't WANT to see, but I'm too lazy so I hope you like to live dangerously.

Note: I have high-res versions of only (most of) the full-page episodes of the last year, so prints are available for those comics only. If the episode you're looking for is not in the pulldown menu below, then it's not available, sorry.

Note 2: I'll sign it for no extra charge; just specify in the notes section if and where you'd like the autograph while checking out.

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