First of all, I wanna say thanks from the bottom of my heart for reading my ridiculous little comic. All I ever want to do with my life is make people laugh and it’s amazing that the internet lets me do that to tens of thousands of you, especially since my wife stopped laughing at my jokes years ago. Your incredible loyalty is what made me come back, and it’s what keeps me going today.

More and more of you have been asking how you can help. I never really wanted any more from you guys except that you come drop by the site every once in a while, but I figure what the hell, if you’re game, then why not put your enthusiasm to good use. You are all invited to join my official fan club/street team, The Hive.

Being part of The Hive means you’re an aLp sexy super-fan, and you’d like to support me and help keep aLp going as long as possible. There’s no obligation, you’ll get some exclusive content AND you can earn some cool prizes too.


Just e-mail me at with your Twitter and Reddit account names, if you have either/both. You’ll be subscribed to a private mailing list where you’ll get notifications about special bonus stuff I’ve got for you, and also about anything I need your help with, like promoting one of my links somewhere. I’ll also set up a private Twitter account restricted to Hive members that broadcasts the same things, if you’d prefer to get notified that way (but you gotta e-mail me first).

So, whether or not you want to officially join the list, there’s 3 general ways you can go about helping me out.

1. Spread the word and win awesome aLp swag*

This is the most important part – help me reach more people! Do what it takes to let other folks know about aLp – just don’t be too obnoxious about it and, like, don’t bug your grandma unless she’s the type that appreciates geek/dick/grammar-based comedy. * – Official Hive members can earn free aLp merchandise like t-shirts and other stuff just by spreading the word – get the details at the bottom of this page.

- Share aLp with your friends by email, on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
- Plug aLp and/or add aLp to your links section on your site or blog.
- Plug aLp on any forums you post in.
- Suggest aLp to any other sites or blogs that may be interested.
- Official Hive members get other suggested ways to go the extra mile to help.

2. Spend a little money

- Buy official aLp t-shirts – for a limited time get a FREE aLp FRIDGE MAGNET ($5 value) with every shirt! Just forward me your order receipt from Topatoco and I’ll send you your magnet(s).
- Donate some ducats to my tip jar. I’ll send you one of those magnets in this case too!
- Buy some advertising on those Project Wonderful ad spots you see here on the site.

3. Participate in the community

- Post comments on each new comic. This is easy; you don’t have to register or nothin’ like that.
- Join the forums and shoot the shit with other aLp die-hards
- Become a fan at the aLp Facebook group.
- Follow me on Twitter.

Again, I’m not expecting anyone to do a lot of work, so if you don’t want to do anything, don’t do it. The fact that you’re reading this is cool as it is. But if you’re ever wondering what you can do to help me out, this is it.


This is where it gets fun… you earn 1 point for every time someone clicks on a link to aLp that you’ve posted, and then you can trade in those points for FREE swag like magnets, prints, and t-shirts. Here’s how:

1. Join The Hive as above. You’ll get an official member number.
2. Do any or all of the things listed under the “Spread the Word” section (including some extra stuff I’ll tell you about), adding a special short code I’ll give you to your links to aLp.

The special code I’ll give you will allow me to automatically track whenever someone comes to the site via YOUR link, and then for each new unique IP address that you send over, you get 1 point. And, just like you’re at the best carnival ever, you can then trade in your points for these EXCELLENT PRIZES:

75 points = a shout-out and/or link back to you or your site in a comic’s accompanying blog post
100 points = aLp fridge magnet
200 points = autographed high-res print
300 points = t-shirt

Note: 100 points doesn’t mean you post 100 links – you might easily get a bunch of points from just ONE link. If you post a link on Facebook and 10 of your pals click on it, KERPOW, that’s 10 points. I’ll put up a special section of the site where you can track your points and the traffic your links are sending over, and maybe a leaderboard so you can see who is the King (OR QUEEN) of The Hive.

That’s it in a nutshell. When I get your email you’ll get even more details, including other ways to earn points like voting up links on social news sites like Reddit.


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  1. Heavy Metal Spike

    Nice to see the name of our website is getting even more popular.

    Don’t worry – we didn’t take offense :o)

    Keep up the good work.

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