Group vs. Page: Fight

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Everyone, become a Fan of aLp at the new aLp Facebook page!

What’s the difference between the Group you’re currently in and the new Page? FUCK IF I KNOW!

What I do know is that if you don’t want to receive direct messages from the Group anymore, go ahead and leave the Group after you go become a fan of the Page. As long as there’s people in the Group, I’ll be sending direct messages to it, but Page fans get “Updates”, which don’t go to your e-mail, as far as I know. To summarize:

Group: direct personal messages (you probably get notified by email); stay if that’s cool; leave if it ain’t

Page: “updates” (you probably don’t get notified by email); join now, no matter what. Go, now.

Got it? Thanks! ROCK


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  1. Thomas Jaynes

    please remove me from the facebook mailing list

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