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Go see "the host" (movie review by the cow)

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PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2007 5:17 pm    Post subject: Go see "the host" (movie review by the cow) Reply with quote

Well, since my review of the sabretooth atrocity, wich I kind of enjoyed writing, I've now come up with a review of another movie I recently saw.


Country: South Korea
Production house: Showbox (mediaplex)
language spoken: Korean, English
Genre: Monster movie
year: 2006

Now this is a movie I enjoyed. Even tho I'm somewhat a person who already enjoys asian movies, I can clearly state that this movie should do good in any given country, even to those who are not particulary asian flick fans.

The story goes as follows: (Blacked out as spoiler, but very limited in plot exposure)


A military base dumps chemicals into the Han river.
The story then goes to several years later, to an old shopkeeper and his son, who's also father of a young schoolgirl. The son however, is quite a bum, sleeps while he should be watching the shop, and picks food from the deliveries he makes at the nearby park. His daughter also agrees that her father is a bit of a bum, but still loves him. The shopkeeper also has another son, who is a college graduate, but since he can't find a decent job, he resolves to drinking and hanging around, as well as embarassing his brothers daughter in school, and a daughter, who is an national league bowyer. The daughter comes home from school, scolds her father a bit (because of his brother who was drunk when he had to visit her in class for a class project) and goes watch the finals wich her aunt is doing at the moment. As he is delivering some order to some people he sees them gathering around to see what's hanging under the large bridge over the Han river. As it drops itself in the water, the people are exited and curious, but that soon changes as the beast emerges and starts wreaking havoc at the riverside, where lot's of people are hanging out at the park. As the daughter comes out of the shop, her father takes her hand and starts running, but in the chaos loses her. As he looks for her, to his horror, she is grabbed by the beast, who afterwards returns to the river. He tries to follow, but the animal reaches the other side of the river before he can even swim a few meters. He sees the beast swallow his daughter before jumping back in the river again. As all hope seems lost, people are mourning at a large service for all the victims of the monsters attack. However, they aren't given much time, as a containment crew comes to pick up all the people who are present to quarantine them. According to the containment crew, the animal also carries a virus wich could be deadly to human beings. Still depressed the family has to spend the night in the hospital, but suddenly, at night, the little girl calls her father on his cellphone. She states that she's stuck somewhere in a large sewer, but is still ok. Hearing this, he tells his father and siblings, who woke up due to the call as well, and they decide to escape from the hospital, to go find the little girl. The race against the clock begins, as the little girl doesn't have much time left. The family must now not only find her in time, but meanwhile also evade the military and police who quarantained the entire river bed, but also the monster itself, wich lurks around in the river.


Special effects: Fairly good. The monster looked original, and even tho it wasn't a multi million dollar cg monster, it looked fairly realistic (considering it gets shown in both daylight and well lit areas), and had a realistic way of moving around. Also, the close contact between the humans and the beast was realistic.

The movie contained both action, drama and humor, all wrapped into a nice package, wich doesn't seem to bore a single bit.
The family is quite broken, but they still love each other, even tho they aren't exactly the most normal people around.

But why sit around and read this review, when you could go and rent/buy it at the asian section of your local(decent) video store. (or get it some other way.)

Off you go now.
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PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2007 9:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow, I actually saw this the other week - what are the odds?

I'm not sure I feel so positive about the experience as Luna, but hey...
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