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Writing I just did

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 11:02 pm    Post subject: Writing I just did Reply with quote

This was an RP from an e-fed (wrestling sim game, I'm a nerd, don't judge me), and this is for my matches with two different people. If it's confusing, just ask, I'll explain. Enjoy...

I lit the cigarette with the heavily scratched lighter and put the lighter back in my pocket. I took a puff from the cigarette and set it in my mouth. The couch of this hotel room was an uninviting, a cold gray that I assume probably wasn’t that color to begin with. Oh well, the fact you could afford this place with the direct money in your pocket was a special quality to find in this shithole. Granted you don’t get shot...


Of course, this is why you bring along an insurance policy, cause you don’t want to actually go into something you can’t handle. Oh no, that’s three levels of stupid.


The sound of the gun cocking always made me smile. The note of the impending outcome and knowing that, no matter what, I’m not pulling the trigger- it makes me smile. Or the sound of the ham-sized fist cracking itself apart. Now THAT sends chills down your spine. But it makes me chuckle, of course.

I sat on the couch with a pitcher of water on the coffee table in front of me, in case anyone got thirsty. Of course, the ice was melting and I had already drunk two glasses. Well, can’t much do much about that, really. I poured myself another glass and examined the room once more.

The walls had their wallpaper and paint peeling away and fading, a sad sight indeed. The windows were barred, for Heaven’s sake- never a good thing. Two beds in this place, but each the size of a military makeshift cot. Lovely and a third.

The sheets were paper thin, and there were quite a many stains on them. In fact, those same stains were on the ceiling somehow. Oh, and the ceiling. Yeah, not too lovely either, falling apart. Hooray for asbestos and cancer, yeah! Thank God if I dropped this cigarette, I know the whole place would go up in flames.

Speaking of which, I took a puff from the fag and let the smoke out. It was starting to get pretty late outside, the sun beginning to set. I checked my watch- 8:23 p.m. I lean back, partly because I didn’t know what else to do. I gritted my teeth; I really didn’t want to let myself touch whatever I had to sit on.
“He’s late.”

“I know this.”

“So why we waiting? We could be doing more important things.”

“I agree.

“We could be, but this is the most urgent matter to attend to.”

“No, this is the most to YOU.”

“Yeah, you called us Scott, not the other way around.”

“Since when did you two get along.”

Adriano gave me an evil eye, as he checked the blade in the back of his leg, and his spare gun. Aeson sat in the corner, waiting to get his hands on something, and give it a thrashing of its existence. It made me smile knowing these two had something of a mutual friendship, and we remained intact.

Adriano Giovanni was born partly raised in Italy. I forgot what part, nor do I really care. He was raised in a high class Mafia family, and was heir to it, being the only son of the family. He was then sent to Japan in his teens to act as a peaceful representative to a Yakuza gang. The two eventually became good with each other, and Adriano lived in Japan until he was about my age now. I think he even bagged one of their women.

After a few months, his old man feel ill, and it looked like Adriano had come to getting the power of his family. Instead, his mother and a younger sister, bore while Adri was in Japan, held when another member of the family took over. While Adriano inherited his family’s money, he would no longer be in control of the Italian mob.

He remained in Japan for several years, training in martial arts and wrestling. I know he learned Judo and Hapkido, but I’m not sure what else. He used professional wrestling to earn money and make a name for himself. He eventually moved here to the States, with a wife to my knowledge, and grew to hate this place. Adri has only HINTED at a significant other, but I do not know. The bastard’s so misogynist, how any woman could love him is confusing.

But here he was, a thirty-three year-old professional wrestling gangster, not like those idiots you see calling themselves ‘assassins’ or ‘gangstas’. No, this was the real deal. I’ve watched this man kill before, and over the years. This is why he’s here now, in case. You don’t know reality until you’ve seen a man’s life bleed from a bullet wound- and smiled over it.

I took a sip of my water and put out the fag. Yes, it was getting late- nearly two hours late. I was rather annoyed by this myself. This suit was very tedious and hot. A black suit and pants, white undershirt and a Navy blue tie. My socks were white and shoes were black. My white hair was combed back and my bright blue eyes shone through the spectacles on my face.

Adriano wore an unbuttoned suit like mine, only his tie was red, and he wore glasses. He was getting impatient with our guest of honor that called me in the first place. Yes, I was beginning to get impatient myself. And our third friend was far worse.

His name was Aeson, and he was a large man. Nearly seven feet tall and nearly three hundred pounds, the man was odd even to my standards. He wore a torn-up blue work shirt and a red tie. He had on black pants, some material that resembled leather to me. He wore his wrestling boots right then and there. And, of course, that damned sack he carried around that weighed as much as a small child- maybe a teenager. God.

I found Aeson back in SIWA, a hulk of a man with no memory of his past but bad dreams. And, I have my suspicions, of a voice inside his head. A mask covered his ‘scarred’ face, and he kept his long, black hair over his face anyway.

Before I found him, he didn’t know a damned thing about his life, to my knowledge. However, I guess I’ve come to know he may have been a father- Hell, may have had a loving family. Something happened, obviously, but Lord knows. Could just be he’s not telling me the truth and knows. However, I know a few other things about this man, which I could also use out.

Aeson is in debt to me, and something he remembers constantly. Now, I don’t use him as a slave, and only when he gets unruly and may cause harm will I remind him of the fact. However, I like Aeson, and the prowess he has. However, his mind seems more tormented even after his lose to Heavy Metal Hero at IPW...

Scott twisted his lips and his eyes narrowed. The name sent a chill in him, then caused his blood to heat up. He shook his head as to get the thoughts out of his head. Adriano wiped some sweat from his brow, getting ready to leave.

Art McLellan is a name that will be etched into my mind for some time. Yes, I do not intend to forget him soon, and neither will Aeson. However, this is far past my personal little squabbles now. No, my matters of the present were pretty obvious. And one was about two hours late. The other two were wrestling matches.

How Few Sustain.

Quest'avvocato o che è migliore prende qui presto Scott, perdo la pazienza!Oh my, Adriano was getting very unhappy. I looked at Aeson and smirked. I couldn’t see Aeson’s eyes- or his face- to read his reaction.

“Adri, we only speak English.”

Bene, il dammit, impara qualcosa meglio!He shook his head and I could only chuckle. He was so wrapped up, he forgot to change his language. “Well, dammit, learn something better, you two! Jesus, I can’t keep speaking this backwater language when I still need to speak Japanese and Italian to keep me from losing it.”

“You’re going to lose your mind before the words, Adri. I assure you. However, I too am getting angered about the tardiness. I assume the first bit of Italian was for that, no?”

Adri only stared at me, before finally snapping into himself. “Yeah, this asshole better hurry up or I’m going to get a very nasty attitude when I see him.”

“So what is this about, actually?” No warning, Aeson just speaks. I was kind of startled by it, but I didn’t show it, I just answered him.

“Mr. Lyson has something he owes us, and if he doesn’t pay it up, we’ll pay up our ante.”

“Before my time, you could say?”

“Probably, two- three years ago, Adri?”

“Think so. Little stupid bastard should have been shot right there.”

“Yeah, he was a pretty useless twit, but he provided us with legality and documents that prove useful to us. So, we spare him.”

“Is that wise to allow him to do that? He could turn on us.” Aeson was a smart man, though he appeared otherwise. I merely tapped my temple, but Adri covered it.

“Nope. You don’t live in the Mafia and Yakuza without learning some ‘tactics’ of your own. Is Mr. Lyson acted up...”

“...he’d be in a world of death. And so would others.”

“Your promises seem to cover every spectrum of the world, don’t they Scott.” I smiled. Aeson knew well my promises doubled as threats. A little trick you learned. Adriano growled of impatience, until we heard something come down the hallway. Aeson was readied and Adri took a step back. I laughed to myself.

A small man, maybe a few inches shorter than me, balding head and a stout body came in quickly, a briefcase shoved up to his chest. Aeson immediately stood up and almost leapt forward, where as Adri’s gun pointed squarely as Harold Lyson’s long forehead. I burst out laughing at the lawyer fell on his ass, papers stumbling to the ground.

Adriano put the gun back and shut the door, Aeson sat down.
“You know, you stupid American blood-sucker, this gun WAS cocked and your brains would have been on the wall.”

“Such a way with words.”

“Shut up Scott. I don’t need the body of a man who’s worth nothing dead and nothing alive.” I stood up and slowly walked to Mr. Lyson, extending my hand to him.

“Let me help you up, Lyson.” And I did just that. He rustled his papers together, as we all stood- Aeson sat, technically- by and watched. He finally got up and adjusted his glasses. “I’m sure you remember Adriano,” Lyson twitched at the name. It made us both smirk, “and the big guy in the back is my other associate- Aeson.”

“He’s rather...”

“Ape-like. Yes. And this gorilla doesn’t like the same things Adriano doesn’t like. The only difference, I’m afraid, is Aeson’s methods are a bit more prolonging than Adriano’s.” Lyson gulped down on the notion. He followed me as I walked to my ‘royal throne’, and I pulled up a chair to the coffee table for him.

Aeson shut the curtains, while Adri added extra force to the door. He then stood behind Lyson, a few feet behind nonetheless. Aeson and Adriano didn’t like this man, and I understood why. He was a sniveling man.
“Well, I got the...”

“No, I- WE- want to know what took you so long, first.” I stared at him, an unforgiving look of hatred I assured myself. If that didn’t make the middle-aged man fret, then the looming gangster and zoo escapee behind him did. He gulped again.

“I had planed to explain that, with the items I acquired.”

“Oh, do explain. You have my interest.”

“Well, I told you I found the documents you were searching for. The ones of ‘private matters’, you know?” I nodded, though Aeson and Adriano looked a bit confused. I hadn’t told them, but it’s not of their concern. “Well, I also found some other news and info on other things.”

“Yes, I know. See, this thing about you being vague and tap-dancing around the issue is quite bothersome.” I was unamused.

“Okay. Well, while digging around some papers, I noticed something. Nothing too special, just a small number problem in your checks and taxes.”

“That... That’s all?” I chuckled at him. “You mean to tell me that, you are almost two hours late BECAUSE you saw a misplaced decimal?!”

“No, it’s...”

“That is bullshit.” Adriano was not happy.

“You don’t...”

“Listen, you little maggot, I will tell you when you can tal...”

“SIR!” he yelled it, causing me to roll my eyes.


“The numbers came from purchases and W2 forms...”


“That were not of you...” I paused and looked at him.

“Come again?”

“Credit card numbers and W2s that had completely been unrelated to you, but were credited as you.”

“Melanie?” Adriano asked, looking at me. I shook my head.

“If it’s not MY credit card, then it’s not her. Also, she doesn’t have the gull to apply for a job. She’s happy where she is.”

“Exactly, and it fit with the information you wanted about her.”

“Melanie?” Adriano asked again.

“No. My sister...” there was an awkward silence in the room.

“Wait... You...”

“Yes, here. Tara. Tara Ortrun.”

“But, wait...”

“Ortrun? What the Hell would she do that?”

“I don’t know. You said she was fourteen when you last saw her, and it’s been eleven years.”

“Seriously, I...”

“In any case, how did our accounts combine?”

“HEY!” Adriano yelled, catching the attention of everyone. “Scott, when the Hell did you have a sister?”

We all then proceeded to ignore Adri. I've told him before I had a sister and two brothers. It slipped his mind, apparently. Lyson spoke, “Well, I went checked as much as I could, and I found the last W2 form she signed is her currently place of employment.”

“Really, and that is where?” I asked, then he handed me a sheet of paper. “What?!”

“What?” Adriano asked. Aeson remained quiet.

“But this...”

“It is, and that is where she has been. She works there as a clerk and such. Or whatever.”


“SIW’s main offices, Adri.” Adriano raised an eyebrow.

“But that’s not the best.” Lyson dug into his briefcase. He showed me another paper- this was a photo. I cringed, and immediately ripped it up and scattered the piece on the floor.

“What the Hell was that for?” Adriano asked. Lyson smirked and handed Adriano and Aeson a picture too. It became obvious. “Is that...”

“That is your sister, sitting beside to other wrestlers- one solely SIW for now. The other is SIW and IPW. However, I have rumors say they both may be gone from SIW soon due to inactivity and reluctance to be there. One is...”

“James Muret, and the older one is Art McLellan...”

“Hero...” Aeson uttered. Adriano seemed pretty angered himself. Aeson flipped the paper aside and snorted. They now got it.

“It appears she may be having a relationship with the one you called James.” Adriano immediately looked on with surprise; I could even see Aeson lift his brow.

It came slowly. I sucked in my chest and closed my eyes. I shook my head, bringing my hands up to my temples.
“Scott, it was just a joke...” Adriano said it. Aeson even began slowly getting to his feet.

“No, this is legit inf...” Adriano picked up Lyson by his shirt collar and snorted at him.

“THIS. IS. A. JOKE!” I kept rubbing my temples, trying to quell the headache.

“How recent are these photos, Lyson?”

“Maybe a month old, not much past that.” Adriano dropped Lyson on his ass- again- and Aeson fully got to his feet. He started gritting my teeth, and finally stood up. I took in a deep breath, and relaxed myself. I put my hands and arms out and nodded.

“She’s a big girl, right? She’s only minutes younger than I am. She can make her own choices...”


“No, I’m okay. She is smart enough to make her own calls, and she can pick who she wants.” I nodded, and it seemed like everyone was getting calm. Then it hit, and it hit hard.

A slammed my fist against the glass pitcher of water, knocking it into the wall to my right. My wrist began bleeding slightly. I stared at it, then flicked my hand, flinging it off.
“BUT, I AM HER OLDER BROTHER, AND LIKE HELL I’M LETTING SOME USELESS FUCK LIKE MURET BEING ANYWHERE NEAR HER!” I screamed it at the top of my lungs, nearly exhausting my voice in the process.

Aeson and Adriano stepped back, and Lyson crawled back. I grabbed my coat and put it on, then took one picture of Muret, Tara, and Hero. I folded it and placed it in my pocket. I pulled out a wad of cash and tossed it at Lyson.
“I’m done?”

“Yes, and give my regards to Sandy.” I turned and began to walk out. Adriano adjusted his gun and Aeson picked up his sack and we left the room, the other two members chasing to catch up with me. Lyson stayed on the floor, looking at the shattered pitcher.

Adriano caught up to me, while Aeson chose to stay behind me. I rummaged through my coat’s pocket looking for something. Adriano looked at me funny and shook his head.
“Are you okay, Scott?”

“I have to worry about my match Thursday with the damned APB. Those idiots think they have something on me because they eliminated me in that stupid match? This time, Aeson and I are going to give them a run for their money.” I stopped in the hallway, still searching for something.

“Yes, we will.” And Aeson with the reassurance.

“Well, it’s about time someone upset them from their damn facehug on those worthless tag belts. Those things are useless to me, but getting them off of those two ninnies will do the world a favor, and add credibility to myself.

I am tired of this ‘Alpha and Omega’ shit as is. And Thursday is the perfect opportunity to finally put it to rest. End their reign; maybe injure one, I don’t know. That hasn’t crossed my path. But they seem to be the first opponents I get before I get my hands on some certain... People... And I plan to release my frustration on them.”

I ended my digging, finding what I was looking for in the first place. I resumed our march, trying to remember if we were going the right direction to the stairs. “And he won’t be alone. I have my own issues with those two clowns.” Aeson spoke up. “They are companions with Snake, and getting them out of the way softens him up for a beating.”

“And Melanie would be with us too.” I said, quickly, adjusting my find.

“So, there is no need for myself or Cook nearby?”

“Of course. We’re going up against two guys who know more about flagpole sodomy than actual wrestling. I’m in no mood to deal with those two, and we’ll give them a new view on life, and a first view on everything after that.”

“APB... They were in...”

“SIWA, yeah, they graduated with the tag belts.” Adriano nodded. “Undefeated in tag competition, and a pretty good SIW record. But, their numbers matter little in the long haul, and they’ll find that out soon.”

I stopped and looked up. “Then there is this Trent Hawk at WWR.” I shook my head. “I can’t make heads or tails of this clown yet, or if he’s a clown or not. In fact, the man seemed off his rocker.”

“Potential candidate to join the club.” Aeson said, smugly. I chuckled myself, but not one I cared to make out of comedy. I was in no mood.

“Well, the man is living in his own world, and I’ll be the first to give him a good awakening when he discovers his world is just an amusement park mirror of the real world. And that mirror is going to be smashed up, and I’m going to give him Hell.”

Trent Hawk was a man I knew nothing about. Unlike the APB, whom I’ve watched and observed for a year, Trent Hawk- and most of WWR- was uncharted territory for me. Yes, I admit it. I know the APB’s tricks and ploys, and their focus on moves. I know their in-ring psychology, how they function as a team, and how they react to changing.

Hawk, however, is a man who seems like he’s living in the same world as a leprechaun- in other words- he’s out of his mind. While that amuses me, it makes me wonder if it’s just some stupid gimmick, or it’s genuine. And I don’t know how he acts in the ring. If he’s any good, Aeson could be right.

We came down the stairs pretty fast, except for Aeson lugging around that damned sack. As we reached the bottom, I fixed the items I pulled out, and Adriano fixed his suit. Aeson only stood there, like a colorful statue. We walked forward, to the exit. Cook was watching over Melanie, a choice I wasn’t too fond of, and we needed to get back anyway. The clerk at the front smiled as she saw us walk towards her. She wasn’t there when we came in.

“Have a good... Day...” She spotted Aeson, and began to stare with wide eyes. He was enormous compared to her, especially since she was sitting down. Her wide eyes moved to Adriano, who had put on his black trimmed hat and only smiled at her. I ducked my head, and looked at her. She finally noticed me. I twisted my head and stared at her, her eyes reflecting my image...


Three men came down the staircase; they were pretty loud in the halls above me. I didn’t recognize them from when I came in, so I just turned back to my work. I looked for some papers and just waited for them to walk by. I didn’t get a look at them directly, but they were dressed to leave.

I heard their footsteps grow louder as they approached me. I looked up and noticed they were right there.
“Have a good... Day...” Oh my God, the tall one... What the Hell is he carrying? Why is he wearing a mask? He’s huge.

I turned my eyes to the other one, putting on his hat. Smiled at me, but it gave me the chills. He seemed to be looking at me, and the smile was pretty negative. He turned around and seemed to be waiting on the other two, especially the shortest one.

I looked to him; he had his head down. I couldn’t seem to make out his head, something was covering it. I did notice his eyes looking at me through the item. They were a deep blue. He began to turn around, and he stared at me... He’s STARING AT ME!

That’s a mask... It’s a burlap sack... A noose holding it to his head, tied around his neck! The creep is wearing a scarecrow mask! Oh my God... What the Hell? He’s walking towards me... He’s putting his hand on the counter...


She scoots her chair back as I lean on the counter. I’m smiling, though I’m sure it’s not showing too well through the mask. I stared at her and reached out and grabbed her hand. She yelped, but I just pulled her forward. I hung onto her arm and started chuckling.

She was terrified. She couldn’t be more than eighteen. She was a young, black woman. She was light for her particular ethnicity, but she was black. She was sweating, and her mouth was quivering. I leaned forward, placing my mouth to her ear. She closed her eyes, whimpering.

“BOO!” it came out so suddenly, I guess I almost startled myself. She let out a scream and I released her arm. She jumped back and fell out of the chair. I began laughing out, Aeson and Adriano chuckling a bit themselves. I shook my head and turned, the three of us walking out the door.

I pushed open the glass door and stood outside, a cool breeze flew through the air, giving a smell of fresh air. I smiled to myself and spoke outloud.
“And here it begins...”
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