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The Different Types of FPS Players - Warning long post.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2006 8:04 pm    Post subject: The Different Types of FPS Players - Warning long post. Reply with quote

I did a little study on the different types and tactics of FPS players. After review, I have discovered a few broad generalizations most of the players fit into. Anyway, here are the descriptions of the results I concluded.

I used Counter Strike: Source as my base game (although I have delved into UT2004 and Halo players as well.) KD Ratio denotes Kill to Death ratio, which can be either high (2+), average (0.9-2), or low (0.9-). These arenít meant to be stereotypes, just gross simplifications, and any player can have varying amounts of skill in each.

-ADDENDUM BY MR. CHAINSAW!- Players can also be described along two axes of inclinations: Tight/Loose and Aggresive/Defensive. I will make a chart soon to show where most of the following player archetypes fall into.

On to the list:

The Newb: Not to be confused with the n00b. This player has just recently acquired the game, and/or hasnít learnt the subtleties of strategy and tactics. They are often lost and disoriented in maps, but due to their tendency to avoid combat situations, actually last fairly long without dieing.

Strategy: Wander around aimlessly following more experienced players. Usually resorts to either the Spray Ďní Pray technique. Often runs into ambushes. When confronted alone often runs away. KD Ratio: Low

Counter-Strategy: Take him from afar; his spraying will buy you a lot of time to nab that frag. Donít be too rough though. If the newb is really having problems, relax a bit and fight on similar terms.

Strengths: None
Weaknesses: Ignorance, Lack of Familiarity

The ďJust Came of AgeĒ: This guy does okay, but nothing special, usually this is what comes right after the newb matures. Extremely Common.

Strategy: Move in and pull the trigger. Not much to it. KD Ratio: Low - Average

Counter Strategy: Use specialized tactics.

Strengths: None
Weaknesses: Still not a fully mature contestant.

The MacArthur: This guy knows strategy. He read Sun Tzuís Art of War, heís been playing chess for decades, and he knows every tactical maneuver and strategy in the book. Although he may absolutely suck when stranded alone, he can direct willing troops to victory. A very rare and precious ally overall, heed his advice. Often uses a microphone, and often lead clans.

Strategy: Barking orders, suggestions, and whatnot. Having relatively little combat proficiency of his own, becomes the ultimate team player when grouped up with partners willing to follow his direction. KD Ratio: Average

Counter-Strategy: Outsmart him. Be unpredictable with your placement, and force him to alter his tactics to suit your illusions. Zergling strategy (see below) miraculously works wonders.

Strengths: He usually knows what to do, and when to do it.
Weaknesses: Almost useless when alone.

Leader Variant: The SWAT: Contrary to McArthur, who leads his men, SWATs follow the leaderís orders. Very similar otherwise, and weak without direction. Even more rare than the MacArthur. KD Ratio: Variable

The Zergling: True to its namesake, the zergling rushes once the game starts. Short life-span, but can be incredibly destructive to the other teamís maneuvers. Often equips with light, fast firing weapons. Usually either camps after ~1+ minutes, or continually rushes other areas. Fairly common.

Strategy: Reload, rev up, and ride out ASAP. Get to a location and clear it. Wash, rinse, repeat ad infinitum to other locations. He usually prefers to keep to corridors, and map roads (general routes along a map that donít diverge often ex. de_prodigy in CS). KD Ratio: Average

Counter Strategy: Fishermen can camp them out very effectively. Numbers also work well. Either intercept him at long range, or camp him at short. Just donít get into a constricted corridor or area with you in his crosshairs.

Strengths: Fast & Furious
Weaknesses: Short lifespan.

Zergling Variant: The Zoom Zoom Kid: This player specializes in vehicular combat. He can move Ďem, use Ďem, and abuse Ďem unlike any other. Incredibly destructive, these guys have incredible kd ratios. These guys are fast. These guys are deadly. The only players who can counter-them are other zoom zoom kids. These guys are godsend if you have them as your ally in CTF. KD Ratio: High

Zergling Variant: The Rambo: Takes a big gun and rushes head on into enemy lines. Sad and useless if he didnít get a royal flush the hour before. KD Ratio: Low

The Fisherman: This guy knows how to camp. Offensively, defensively, stealthily, distractingly, whatever, this guy knows where to sit his ass down and wait for little fishes to come by. Although they may not be active, these guys are worthy of your respect. They get a ton of frags, have super sharp senses, and super-human reaction times. They are creative with their spots, and few know the map better than he does. Fairly common as well.

Strategy: Walks out into the wilderness and sets up camp. Prefers small, yet unobstructed areas. Works well on indoor maps. KD Ratio: Average - High

Counter-Strategy: The only way to effectively get this guy is to either draw him out of his perch or to catch him unawares. This is difficult as they usually keep silent, and the best come from really weird and unexpected positions. Against a camper, always go in pairs or more, as even though you or your ally might fall for the trap, at least you know where he is, thus giving you the advantage he lost. Ninjas are the perfect counter for fishermen.

Strengths: Creative.
Weaknesses: Needs the element of surprise which he often loses against groups.

Fisherman Variant: Sniper: A variation of the typical fisherman, this guy takes a sniper rifle, and roosts in large, open, hard-to-scan areas. They arenít afraid of heights, have dead-on aim, and remarkably throw nades and other gravity-effected weapons like boomerangs (They often hit obstructions and get cuahgt int thier own blasts). Use longer-range anti-fisherman tactics.

The Ninja: The epitome of stealth and guile. This guy can sneak behind enemy lines unnoticed, and pick off the other team one-by-one unhindered. Ninjas make crazy kills, use almost any tactic, and stab you in the back before you even knew he was in the server. Heís so damn good he can kill off the other team with only pea shooters. This guy is a practical must have on your team in CS. However the ninja actually fairs weaker in open combat, but is still pretty damn good. Useless when outnumbered.

Strategy: Similar to a mobile camper. Get behind the enemy, pick off foes one-by-one, be all over the place without being anywhere at once, and avoid large crowds. Liberal use of camping suggested. KD: High in stealth mode, Average in normal.

Counter Strategy: I know this sound stupid, but spread out in the map. Keep in constant communication. That way when one player encounters the ninja, all the rest can apply proper techniques. Cover your back, make little sound, and check every nook and cranny. Never rush where you think he is. Leaders and their squads do well against ninjas.

Strengths: Nigh unstoppable one on one.
Weaknesses: Only average against multiple opponents.

The N00B: Everyoneís worst nightmare. This guy, despite playing the game for a long time, just does not get it.He continually ruins what his team mates are doing, and actually is an asset to the enemy. This guy is inexplicable, and a long-winded discussion about this type of player would be just stupid. Actually quite rare.

Strategy: Just be a fucking idiot. KD Ratio: Low

Counter-Strategy: Use specialized tactics.

The H4X0R: The worst of the worst. Makes Hitler look like a fucking Care Bear. This guy cheats to win, he wins to cheat. Cheat ergo sum. Rare, thankfully. Do not fuck with this guy, he has already broken the rules, and wonít hesitate to make you mincemeat.

Strategy: Aimbots, speedhacks, and ghostwalls oh my! KD Ratio: Immense

Counter-Strategy: Avoid and Ban

Strengths: Hacks
Weaknesses: Ban Key


If addendums are required, please PM me and I'll edit.

Last edited by Simon_Says on Fri Feb 03, 2006 7:15 pm; edited 5 times in total
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2006 8:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow...very nice...very nice indeed.

Its actually kind of difficult to judge yourself, but (in Halo/2) I think Im closest to the Zergling most offen.

I know a guy who is a dead on Fisherman/Sniper...
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2006 8:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

An interesting study my friend. I've always thought it's suprising how much you can learn about your own style of play when you sit down and talk it over with your clan/squad/guild/LAN buddies/whatever. There was an article in PC Gamer last year by Dennis Fong where he likened types of gamer to types of poker player.

He basically said players had characteristics from two categories. They are either:

i)'tight' meaning they only play a good hand; fighting when they have an edge in weapons or armour.


ii)'loose' meaning they're an unpredictable gambler who will fight even when at a disadvantage.

The second category said players are either:

i)'aggressive' seeking out enemies, fighting up close and dominating the map.


ii)'passive' meaning they wait for the enemy to come to them, sniping and using ambushes and traps.

From there you can figure out the playing style e.g. Loose-Passive (as a bonus it sounds like psycho-babble) of the player. Thinking about it, most of the players I know fit solidly into one of the four types. Reading the article made me realise I play a Tight-Aggressive game. I rarely race off to an early lead, instead looking for good weapons or people already in a fight so I can pick off the weakened loser. But then I also come out of nowhere and start getting killtacular on everybody else once I've got some sort of advantage.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 5:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've never given much thought to strategy in FPS -games, especially not multiplayer. I just sorta rush in as soon as I spawn and start blasting shit.

If I'm lucky, there's a better gun somewhere along the way.

This goes especially for Soldat, 'cause you get your gun of choice as soon as you spawn.

Camping is boring.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 5:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think i'm a sniper, though when I'm at close rance I'm not exaclty useless. In Medal of Honnor I'm killed on several ocasions guys with MG at close range with a sniper rifle.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 6:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The only games I really still play are Killzone and Battlefront II. In Battlefront II I've got enough awards to be practically invincible (I mean, 22 kills in 5 seconds) so I just Leeroy Jenkins my way through the enemy lines...

With Killzone I'm also a bit of a Rambo, although when I don't have the proper guns, I enjoy acting like a newbie.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 9:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I use the following tactic in AVP II multiplayer, as an Xenomorph character.

1. Sees opponent.
2. Sets 10 seconds to kill opponent.
3. Pounce towards enemy/come from an unexpected spot.
4. Attack!
5. Ten seconds up?
-If opponent dies, return to 1.
-If opponent does not die, runaway!
Effect of running away: scaring the shit out of the opponent.

I have not really played CS for a long time, but last I remembered, I'm a support, using a shotgun. People say I'm good with it. But that was years ago.

In any case, I often surprise my opponents and set up a blitzkrieg for short moments, afterwich I retreat and enter the battle arena from another angle to stage another surprise attack. Surprise surprise surprise..
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