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Something I have been working on...

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2005 7:35 pm    Post subject: Something I have been working on... Reply with quote

This is something I have been working on for a total of about half a week. Don't comment on the miss-spells, I know about that. My mom got pissed that I kept misspelling their, heh. Anyway, its an idea that I have been tossing around for a while, and wondering if it is worth going forward with, or just another toss. The title is called The Technology of Magic.

Whom is to say where one lies in the path of fate? Scholars of the 33rd century tried to determine fate itself. They wrote and documented how poeple percieved it, which, in turn, they believed that it was the belief in fate that fueled it. Science and superstition don't go hand and hand. But these scholars somehow made it believable. These scholars had a name, they where called the Rational Magicians.

They roamed the streets in the early years of thier, almost, reign of knowlege. They looked high and low of anything that might give them a better idea of the mystical thing known as fate. People was thier best source of knowlege. The science committee at the time scrutinized them for trying to combine something as polar oposite as religion and science, which it practically was. They where the first to propose the idea of magic actually existing. Proof was impossible to find, of course. But, soon, the Rational Magicians soon turned thier eye to the system of Darnig.

The system of Darnig was a fuetile attempt to conquer, for there was nothing to conquer. The entire system was just balls of gas, molten rock, or ice. But a small planet was overlooked. This planet, now called Drugus, was small, almost a moon compared to its brothers. The sun of the system is emitting a radiation level so high as to heat planets into molten rock millions of kilometers away. But it was the small utopia that survived the tarnish, the taint of radiation. It was closer than Borin, which was a huge mass of melted rocks. It was because of this that Drugus was so... odd.

Kingdoms came and went. Great battles raged on, and won. Massive fleets of tens of thousands of battle cruisers where built, and smashed into small debris. All this happened while small Drugus was developing its own race. Its race of superhumans that could do extrodinary things. The Rational Scholars tried to figure out what the inhabitants of Drugus where up to, or what the race was like for that matter. They had proof of electrical energies emitting, abnormally, from a small planet. But the radiation was too great to venture too close. Soon, the news caught a whiff of Drugus, and tried, and pried thier way through the radiation. There was a rush to see if anyone could land there safely without dieing first. It was now a sport.

Strageties and speciality ships where soon to come. Hundreds tried to go into the radiation, but after twelve years, none has come back. The Rational Scholars (independantly as to not attract attention) developed a new type of metal, capable of withstanding the concentration of radiation from the sun. They took but a small skeleton crew with them when they went forth, reaching for Drugus.

July 15, 3392, the Rational Scholars returned with proof that magic does truely exist, and they brought with them several Drugans as actual, physical proof. The people of Forin, the capital planet of the Arik system, hated and loved these people. The Drugans where sheltered from the city life, practicing magic at thier own costs, and learning about it. The people of Forin assassinated twelve of the thirty Drugans that where taken from Drugus. The Rational Scholars where soon promoted to high authority, and, in turn, banish the assassinators to a trash planet, on the far reaches of the Arik system.

At this time, the Pior system has looked at Arik with envious eyes. Little did the people of Forin know that Poirians where mounting a massive attack upon thier system. One week after the Rational Scholars banished the assassinators, the Poirians attacked Forin with brutal force. The Poirians engineered thier shields to deflect any Forin made weapon. But what they didn't expect was the Drugans.

During the Drugans stay at Forin, they played little games to show people proof. Lighting a candle from fifty yards away. Making a small wall from rock. Causeing a whirlpool in a public swimmingpool. Batting away a rain strom for more than forty-eight hours. But this battle would show the people of Forin the true power without boundaries. Fireballs the size of a battle cruiser scortched the sky. Ice picks peirced the shields and metal. Walls of rock protected entire cities. Energy fires where redirected at a Poirian cruiser with ease. Eighteen Drugans defeated a thousand man force with hardly a strain.

Forin was now in awe and fear of thier power.

Back on Drugus, the natives awaited the return of the Rational Scholars. They had taught the native Drugans what systems are out beyond thier small utopia. And how odd it was, which is why they came, that thier planet abated such hard radiation rays. Science had tried to explain it for centuries, and now it was magic's turn.

The Rational Scholars did not share the information gathered from Drugus until after the battle with the Poirians. Once they did though, Forin was amazed at the civilization of Drugus.

They lived in small huts made of rock. The food they ate was purely organic, no meat. They went to school, and learned the art of magic over anything else. Something that amazed the Scholars the most, is thier ability to live for hundreds of years. Thier vision was excellent, and never changed. There was no use for hygene because their bodies took care of everything. Folktales where most common in thier society as well. On tale is of a brave worrior that travels to the other side of the planet to discover others like them, but evil. Another tale is about a giant white thumb, whom crashes down upon the planet, and leaks people with hurtful weapons. This tale perked up the Scholars ears a bit.

They wanted to know as much as there was. There was but one man who claimed he had seen this giant white thumb. The Scholars talked with him for hours on end. Trying to sap as much information out of this poor two-hundred year old man. He was in excellent condition for two-hundred. His eyes could still see sharp, his strength was stunning, his teeth were still perfectly white. After they had heard all there was to hear, they concluded that the ship was from a direlect ship of the Arik system. How they managed to get through the raditiation was just pure luck.

Once the Poirians where defeated, the Drugans where given permission to go back to the planet Drugus. This excited the Drugans much, and pained them to tell thier families what had happened to the other twelve that where assassinated. Although the Drugans where prosicuted by the Forins, and although somewhere assassinated, the remaining eight-teen had a sence of patriotism to Forin.

November 28, 3399, the Drugans where sent off home to Drugus. The resulting conflict is where this story takes place...

CHAPER I, The End of the Beggining, and Peace

"Do you even know where we are going? You seem to be a bit off track here...." Borin, the head Rational Scholar

"Yeah, been through this track hundreds of times." The pilot said reasurringly with a smile. The rattling of the ship caused
his voice to sound humorous. Borin sighed, and went to the sitting area of the small craft.

Borin wore multi-toned blue robes, the usual traveling for a top scholar. The sleeves went all the way to the wrists, and
hung low. A hood hung behind Borin's head. It was deep as to conseal his face from any unwanted eyes. He was the chief engineer of
the Shkim, the ship that was able to travel through the radiation. The other thirteen scholars sit around the small sitting area. The
eighteen Drugans sat in a small tight circle on the floor, chanting to thier god, Tuy. Gomn, another scholar, commented on the god as
being foolish, and was, in turn, recieved with a smack from Borin. That was three years ago, and Gomn never commented on Tuy

Once the Drugans where done chanting, they turned all together to face outside of the circle. They looked at the scholars as
if learning something peculiar about them. "Jorio said that they can communicate with eachother over extreme distances when they
chant or meditate. She thinks that Tuy is just an excuse..." Hoim explained to Borin in a hushed voice. He got nervous all of a sudden,
for reasons he didn't quite know why.

The Drugans got up, and returned to their places on the two benches that made up the sitting area. All of them wore
earth-toned robes that where extra long. Their hair was all the same color as well, brown. But the eyes where what was different. If
one Drugan could wield fire, his eyes where a fury of red and yellow. If he could wield air, his eyes where almost clear to white. If one
wielded water, his eyes where brilliant blues. If one could wield earth, his eyes where dark and deep brown. Not seeing into your
soul, but it felt like it could fall into the eyes.

The Drugans all sat silently, staring straight forward. Thier body rocked and shook along with the ship. Jorio studied them
intently. "What where to happen if I pushed one?" She whispered into Gomn's ear, and they both smiled.

"Why don't you try Jorio?" Borin said aloud, so the Drugans could all hear. She glared in responce.

"We will be in sight of the planet within twelve minutes sir," The pilot told Borin.

The next twelve minutes where dulled with silence. Once the small planet came into view, which the pilot pointed out, all
of the Drugans got up to see their long awaited return to home. The Scholars where amused by thier excitment at returning after
seven years of being away from home. "ETA: minus sixty minutes,"
The co-pilot confirmed. "And we will be going through some bumpy areas until then, so I suggest you go back in your sitting area and
strap up."

The Drugans left from the cockpit and returned to the Scholars. A moment of silence passed until Jorio said, "How are you
going to tell your people that we killed twelve of you?" Borin jerked his head over to coldly stare at Jorio, which she just rode off. All
eyes, including Borin's now, where on the Drugans.

"We will decide that when it comes." One said depressingly. Jorio gave a quick, regretting, glance at Borin. The Drugans
where a very undecided civilization. No planning was involved in their lives, just decide when it comes. The Scholars where appalled
at this subject.

Lori, a very nonchalant Scholar, started talking with Jorio in quick, quiet sentences. No one could make out exactly what
she was saying, but everyone could tell that she was furious.

Borin suddenly took a deep breath. His eyes shot wide and his brow filled with sweat beads. Jorio jumped out of her seat
and rushed to his side. The Scholars started making quick checks for signs of any sickness that they knew. Lori grabbed the med-kit on the ship.

Borin's eyes rolled back into his head and lost conciousness...

Chapter II, Revelations and Conflict

Borin flinched when he regained his senses, and looked around in a fever of curiosity and fear. He was wearing a thin nigtly robe without sleeves. He was back in Forin. How could that happen? Last he knew, he was on the Shkim going towards Drugus.

Everything was dirty and smoke filled the air. Borin remembered where he was. It was an alleyway, near the main street of
Forin. His hearing came sudden, and wished that it hadn't. Booms and crashes where all around him it seemed. Gun shots filled the
air mostly, but some other noise was present as well. A searing almost. A huge fireball soared through the air toward an unnoticed
until now battle cruiser. It was the battle at Forin where the Drugans demonstrated their true power. Borin was confused and swelled
with fear. Here, he almost died in this same alleyway.

Footsteps came from an outlet. They where accompanied with metal armor clinking together. Borin scrambled up and ran in the opposite direction, where he found more footsteps. He turned and rushed into a small depression in the metal building. The footsteps got closer, then stopped. Borin was breathing hard from fear and mental exhaustion. Why did they stop? The soldiers exposed themselves just as rock shot up from the ground right infront of Borin. They helled and ran toward Borin. He looked on the roof of the opposite building, and saw a Drugan, with a dark brown, almost black light emitting from infront of his hands, which where pointed at Borin. The soldiers went out of view as the rock rose. Once the entire area was enclosed by rock, darkness enveloped Borin. Clanks of melee weapons against the hard rock where echoing in the small space. Shouts from outside where still getting through, and it sounded like they where called for reinforcements.

Borin suddenly got tired, and felt like sleeping. Smashes and shouts, more dire, came from outside his small sanctuary, but Borin didn't care. He took in a deep breath and his eyes shot wide. Sweat exposed itself on his bare arm. He convulsed invoulntarily, dropping on the ground. On the rim of his conciousness was a small skimish on the other side of the rock. Borin's eyes rolled back into his head...

Heat ran across Borin's skin. Every pore opened to try and lessen the effect it had on his physical body. The massive shockwave from the exploded battle cruiser threw him aside like a rag-doll. He got up and looked around, suddenly perplexed at his where abouts. He was now ontop of the Ice Building, looking up at a Poirian battle cruiser that was racing toward the city, ruined by a fireball one of the Drugans produced. He was helping his wife, Alexandria, up from the ground, along with fifty other people ontop of the building. Two Drugans helped the long-range carnage. One was keeping the foot-soldiers at bay with large ice spikes. The other was trying to take down one of the last Poirian cruisers.

Borin went to the one of the Drugans. He stood behind the ice one, and heard a clap, then a slip and several blasts. Small shockwaves where produced, which made Borin think twice about getting closer. He tapped the Drugan on the shoulder, which he turned at looked at Borin with cold white-blue eyes. "Yes?" His voice was deep and calm, despite the battle going on behind his back.

"Could I watch you?" Borin asked.

"You're a Scholar, aren't you? Um, where are my manners? Of course Scholar." He said, stepping aside so he could get between him and his companion. "I need some better support for these soldiers here, Horuzo. Could ya help me with that?" The Drugan said to Horuzo, the other Drugan.

"Yeah, give me a second please..." Horuzo said. His voice was also deep and calm Borin observed. A fighter flew by at high speeds above their heads. Horuzo smirked. "Watch this Scholar."

The same fighter was coming around for an attack run when Horuzo shot out his hand to the side, open. Borin was intreuged. "Fire orb!" Horuzo said to the air infront of him. Flame popped into his hand from no where, right infront of Borin's stomach. He flinched back when Horuzo threw, with great force, the fire orb out. Borin thought that it wouldn't hit, but the fighter changed course when he looked away, and the fire orb hit right on target. Another collided with the craft, presumably from the other hand. The fighter burst into flames and crashed atop the roof of the building across the road from the Ice Building. The crowd screamed of how close it was. The flaming object, no longer recognizable, slid over the edge of the roof. It plumeted down towards the soldiers, and made even more fire when it landed. "Good enough for you Thorin?" Thorin nodded in aknowledgement.

Alexandria ran towards Borin with fear. "The soldiers have broken through the other side of the building, and are inside of it right now! Please Drugans, help us." Borin winced at the poorly worded plea, but the Drugans thought it good enough. They looked at eachother, and assembled a plan of action.

Horuzo opened the door that lead into the Ice Building, and shot his hands out again, open. "Fire orb!" He exclaimed, and fire popped into both his hands. He casually tossed them down the stairs where they exploded in a firey abyss. Screams emitted from the open door before Horuzo slammed it shut. A quick nod sent Thorin over the edge, making the helpless crowd uptop gasp. Many rushed to look over, just to see Thorin stroll into the building. A moment later, there was a kock on the door that Horuzo was guarding. He opened it and Thorin walked through. "There where twenty men that walked into what lie below us, and he comes out unscathed." Alexandria quietly commented to Borin.

The crowd looked in awe and wonderment at Thorin and Horuzo. Questioning eyes followed them to their previous positions. Horuzo took down another fighter quickly, and Thorin started to pepper the side of the opposite building with ice spikes.

Borin took a deep breath, and his wife looked with worry at him. The sudden wonderment at why this was happening to him hit Borin like a slug in the stomach. His eyes rolled back into his head and his vision turned black.[/b]
The problem with RPG's...

*Ninja stares intently, hand reaching for his halb-STOP SPAMMING ME*
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 5:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm lazy, could you summarize it? Nah j/k, when I get back from school (where I have to be in 45 minutes, and I still have to learn some stuff...) I'll read the entire thing.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 7:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

holy whack. you could have linked that to some other page. well nevertheless, i shall read it as soon as possible, once i figure out how to use this car that goes back in time...
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 5:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lol... I just love your signature...
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