Sunday, April 25th, 2010, 8:24pm ET

If You See Something… Buy It

Hey, that new print that I debuted at MoCCA is now available for you at TopatoCo!

Based on this fan favorite episode, completely re-shot in super high-res and starring a real girl human (the lovely/talented/extremely dangerous Carly Monardo), this beauty is a generous 11″x17″, printed on super high quality paper and guys, it is gorgeous.

Suitable for framing, as Kristy demonstrates here! FYI the signature you see on her print isn’t available if you order online; you’d have to find me in person for that (either at a con, or in my cardboard hut outside Port Authority).

Please support me and order yourself one today! A lot of you said you wanted one so don’t make me track you down. Carly rode the G train for you guys.



  1. sco3tt

    37. Yep, on a 1 – 10 scale.

  2. Anonymous

    I find it strange how Preston is somehow just missing that and Abe isn’t. Lol.

  3. Roberto

    So it’s still avaliable in other shop?, because now if you enter the link the web says ” This does not exist.

    You seem to have stumbled upon a product that we either never had or don’t have anymore.

    You didn’t see anything.”

  4. What is the prometheus movie about

    Great costumes!

  5. buy Dofus Touch Kamas

    Now you tell me that she was not a knockout !

  6. baleaf

    Du är så otroligt vacker Carolina!!!!

  7. Adriana Safadinha

    If you see something say something, rsrs’

  8. Thiago Lins

    I thought it was very good, I can not believe I could laugh at that hahahaahaha

  9. Como Gastar Menos

    If you see something… say something! LoL

  10. Marcelo dias

    My very good laughs a lot. hahahaha

  11. Marcelo dias

    neither yours because I laughed but I laughed a lot hahahahahaha

  12. Regis

    My very good laughs a lot @Marcelo Dias

  13. boyblu

    pode mos hoje heim dia viver de internet e ter uma vida saldavel

  14. boyblu viver de internet e algo tremendo pode conferir

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  16. Paula Domenico

    Very good to distract from worries, in times of coronavirus pandemic.

    Congratulations on your work, it’s like finding the formula for millionaire joba visualizations!

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