Monday, March 23rd, 2009, 10:53am ET

Hey my buddy Noah and I are starting an official aLp Killzone 2 clan, just for fun, just to find some more cool folks to frag around with. If we get enough people we’ll make clan-only rooms where we’ll blow each other’s heads up. If you can’t/don’t wanna join the clan, that’s cool; we can just be friends. All skill levels welcome. If you’re interested, leave a comment here or email me with your PSN ID, your email address, and where you’re from and you’ll get an invite.


  1. Max

    Hey, my PSN ID is “hosseruk” (minus quotes) and I’m from Cornwall in the UK. :)

    I’ve not played too much multiplayer (I’m a Major I think) but I’m not bad.

  2. Andrew


    I’ve been playing KZII since release and I’ve been loving every minute of it. My PSN ID is Kenmichi and I’m from Virginia.

  3. Tyler

    I’m only up to the medic class but I’ll gladly shoot you with blue lasers!

    PSN ID is TheCrowing and I’m a student at UF

  4. Roberto

    I just bought the game, will start playing it this weekend.
    My PSN ID is GODAMEDA and I am from Portugal.

  5. ur doing it rong

    oh man that game is the winrar! Send me a thing, I just started GÄY! clan. I’m kinda attached to the name tho. friend me anyway.

    PSN:Bacon_Robot (i think thats it)

  6. Ben

    Good call – maybe an escape hatch from the sonic assault of most servers?

    psn: b0nj0m0n

    Madison in Wisconsin

  7. steve bogar

    hey im from denver and have been loving the killzone and would totally dig joining the clan. my psn id is stevevil666. hit me up!

  8. Donald

    ey im lookin for a chill clan to join. I generally only use sniper tho. mind if i get an invite? thanks dude
    psn: spartanlite

  9. bushboy

    I’m from Baltimore, Maryland and just got it. I love online.

    PSN: bushboy1991

  10. Shalderave

    Hello My PSN ID is Shalderave and I would like to join your clan. I’ve only played skirmish so far but that’ll change soon, anyway I normally act as a distraction and am surprisingly good with a hellghast pistol. Anyway if you want please invite me to your clan. P.S. this is formal for no reason what so ever. XD

  11. Ty

    My PSN is The_Annihilator I’d like to join your clan.

  12. Bernie H.

    The new room name is alienlovespred (for some reason I couldn’t type the whole URL). I also left off the password.

  13. Fodali

    PNS ID: Blinducho

    currently living in Adelaide, Australia.

  14. Syn

    PSN ‘ Synful Yautja’ less the quotes, from Melbourne Australia.

  15. Dork

    PSN: BlindsideDork

    I don’t play Killzone 2 nearly as much as Is hould…

  16. evaunt01

    hey I’ll play a few rounds with you, usually play medic I’m from southern California in the city of Fontucky
    psn id: evaunt01

  17. piratmonkey

    PSN: Steel Cricket
    :) just started

  18. piratmonkey

    correction, its “SteelCricket” minus quotes sorry about that

  19. Miroslav

    How about a challenge against your clan?
    I’m a big fan of your work, so how about a little shootout?
    Nice way to meet fans, eh.

    My clan is “will shoot for food” and we’d love to play with ALP fans.

    Cheers, Bernie…

  20. cdamm

    i finally broke down and got it..

    beat the campaign and working on it again on the super-hard difficulty level..
    id love to join up!

    psn id is: cdamm
    im originally from NY, but i live in chicago now.


  21. nick

    OMGWTFBBQ! The big B plays KZ2! When I get my new PSN acc (asian psn sucks, i’m gonna get a US acc) up and running, i’ll post my psn here.

  22. simon

    zombie_nation437 yeah its lame but i don’t know how to change it.

    i don’t actually know what level i am…oh dear.

    from newcastle, uk

  23. Timothy

    A little late but i Just got Killzone in May, PSN ID is Skia_Lucrecia, From Alaska and loving it :D

  24. Alex

    I don’t actually own KZ2 but I guess now I’ll pick it up sometime this week

    PSN ID is Vascor

  25. nick

    PSN ID: monkeycawk

  26. Craig Bartley

    Howdy Bernie. Please add me to the Killzone 2 madness. My ID is Putts113. All the way from Brisbane, Australia.

  27. Jamie

    PSN ID is Nuzzer

    Please add Bernie! :}

  28. DZ

    PSN ID = kaapeli

    played a lot when it was first released but dropped out for a while. been wanting to get back into it. this sounds fun!

  29. DeadSpace501

    I don’t play KZ2 online but I am interested in comparing trophies if you want, I play Resident Evil 5 a LOT so if you or anyone here has that and needs trophy help I’ll be happy to help. PSN ID: Voccio with capital “V”

  30. Unknown

    basta escrever o nome da pessoa na pesquisa, passar o rato em cima de pedido de amizade enviado, vai aparecer uma caixa com várias opções e escolhes cancelar pedido…espero ter ajudado.

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