Tuesday, February 10th, 2009, 11:59pm ET

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for the Be in aLp contest! Here’s the 6 winners for your pleasurable convenience…

Paul F.


Dave M.

Ada B.

James W.



  1. Dartarus

    Sadface! Guess you didn’t use my picture after all. :(

  2. Saurio

    Auch! Fan James W. looks exactly like me and is in a pose similar to the one I would have chosen if I had participated.
    Creepy place to find you have a double!

  3. Phrank

    I knew about this, and I totally forgot to take one but I was gonna take one with me looking at my laptop while I was taking a shit, and looking pained, and only partially because it was chili night. If I did that, would I have won, Bernie?

  4. zeeland

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  5. Gatherstop

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