Monday, January 19th, 2009, 12:34am ET

How would you like to star in an official aLp episode?

I’m going to be making a bad pun in the script of an upcoming episode, and I’d like to follow it up with another “facepalm” reaction shot – a callback to the last panel of this recent episode in the storyline – and I want YOU to be the star of that shot.

It’s really easy, just take a quick photo of yourself reacting/groaning to a bad joke you just read on! The only requirements are 1) it should be a “vertical” shot (turn your camera sideways), and 2) I need it by the end of Sunday, February 1 (edit: formerly January 25). It’s probably best if your computer screen is visible, to make it clear you’re reading something online, but you can try whatever you want. Feel free to submit as many shots as you want too!

Here’s some examples; I guess out of these I like the first one the best:

The winner(s!) will appear officially in the actual comic. Your photo will be judged by how clear you get across the expression of having just read a bad joke. If there’s more than one I like I’ll do my best to actually cycle among them, so that each time you refresh you’ll see a different one! Hopefully.

Choose one way (or more) to submit your photo(s):
- email it to me at
- post it as a comment on this entry
- post it as a “fan photo” on the aLp Facebook page
- post it in this topic on the aLp forum

With your photo please include:
- an attachment or link to as hi-res a version of the shot as you have
- whether I can display your photo in other contexts outside of the comic (e.g. a submission gallery)
- if yes, if I can use your first name and last initial, or if you’d like to be unnamed
- this sentence: I grant you full ownership of this photo and permission to use it however you like.

Have fun and thanks…


  1. BazmXPS

    Pick any picture you like of me holding up a fish, I heard that Aliens realy like fish

  2. dune

    Dang, I deleted the only picture I had of myself at Time Square!

  3. dune


  4. Ben Czajkowski

    LOL @ the regex.

  5. j


  6. Aurelyn

    I thought I’d do a slightly different take on it – “facelaptop”!.


    Yes, you can do anything you want with this shot.

    “I grant you full ownership of this photo and permission to use it however you like.”

  7. Aurelyn

    Bugger, it didn’t come out – I’ll just post it on the forum altogether :)

  8. Arimmus

    Damn, I was away and missed it

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