Thursday, January 8th, 2009, 2:16pm ET

Saw this sign today. Can anyone figure out what it means?


  1. Hafhead

    Lol Cat On Video?
    No Eating On Elevator?

  2. Chris

    It looks like Enochian to me, but I suspect it’s one of those teasers like in the paper.
    It would be, perhaps, “5 works in your 6 5″?

  3. Anon Amous

    Where were you when you took that picture? Might help…

  4. me

    Definitely “No (something) On Elevator”. My first guess was “carts” but that doesn’t match.

  5. firebus

    oh, i thought lavatory on first sight, but i also think elevator is correct.

    it can’t be no eating, because that wouldn’t be center-justified like the rest.

    No Bats on Elevator

  6. Bartolo

    No Cats On Elevator?
    No Hats On Elevator?

  7. Bartolo

    “No farts on elevator”?
    That makes more sense…

  8. Cassi

    No fat people on elevator. :o

  9. Jacob Matthew

    There are two signs that one might see next to an elevator in this situation:

    “No Waiting on Elevator” i.e. “don’t stand around and make the place look like a slum, use the freakin’ stairs!” Used by condo associations run by bureaucratic jerks who like to enforce pointless rules on people just for kicks.

    That one’s unlikely unless the people making the sign can’t spell “waiting” properly. More likely the sign is “No Gate On Elevator”, i.e. “if you get in this thing and get hurt it’s not our fault because we put up a sign”.

  10. Mike Taschuk

    Pregnant Lady and Children.

  11. Mike Taschuk

    I’d like to take it back. Clearly it’s a pregnant lady on a Segway.

  12. Brent Altomare

    Is it what the witch doctor REALLY said?

  13. G-Rex

    That’s the generic Voodoo curse to make the liftboy’s feet blister!
    “o at On va o! o at On va o! o at On va o!”

    Or it’s
    ” No
    Wow, that’s so damn meta!

    Anyone up for making new lyrics to Aerosmith’s ” in an elevator”?

  14. FD

    …you can actually see the photographer’s (bernie’s, i guess) reflection on the sign…

  15. Bernie H.

    Mike Taschuk wrote:
    Clearly it’s a pregnant lady on a Segway.

    Damn, right now it’s tied between this comment, and the following one posted over on LJ, for my favorite…

    jedisoth wrote:
    Well, it’s clear as day:
    o at On ‘a o

    “o” is hugs (i.e. XOXOX)
    “at” is self-explanatory
    “On” is actually an equation, written in typically poor signage lingo. O = 0 and n = variable. 0 x n = 0 or 0:00 (midnight)
    ‘a o = possibly a location, but it’s probably more typically poor signage lingo ‘a is supposed to be a’ (with the apostrophe standing in for “ss” and the o standing in for “hole”

    So, we have “Hugs at midnight, asshole.”

    There you have it. And I spent WAY too much time coming up with this. :p

  16. Deyhauk

    Last word could be playground, depending on the font.

  17. Snowblind

    Do not

  18. cokert

    hugs at midnight, asshole FTW!

    i can’t say it looks like a pregnant lady on a segway. maybe more of pregnant hooker on her knees earning a living?

  19. Kurtz

    It means there’s a special branch of the government dedicated to hiding people with cameras behind transparent signs.

  20. Craig K. Bartley

    Go Eat One Avacado?

    So Batty On Desperado?

  21. Scurvy

    Fucks ‘around

  22. Lilliput King

    Its a cry for help from the trapped man with the camera.

    He wants someone to travel to the most northern part of the world. Hes quite emphatic.

    “o” is a vector, probably meaning 0, or ‘the origin,’ which is yet to be defined.
    “at” is obvious
    “On” Here the origin is defined – the On stands for ‘Original North’. Probably true north.
    “‘ ‘a o ” Jedisoth was right to claim this is poor signage, but I believe he has the meaning twisted. It’s clearly intended to mean ” a’ o”, hence the differential of the equation a is o (0). Therefore the man with the camera is directing us to a location where the gradient of the earth is 0 (where the earth is flat – the poles)

    What we will find there and how we will free the man with the camera I can’t speculate.

  23. StKev

    AlP= Yay!

  24. M

    It says “No Crates On Elevator”

  25. Phrank

    “No skates on elevator.” And by this I propose they meant the little skatysneakers that the kids love.


    O! a tOn ‘a O! Whoever made that sign apparently went around just saying O! a lot, to the point of not bringing it to you by the letter H.

  26. Fraser

    Who said it was by an elevator? The last word could be a contraction, contain a removed i between the a and the o, or that space could indicate 2 words on the last line.

  27. Fraser

    Also in case no one googled it… nothing good comes up

  28. mostly harmless


  29. Max


  30. D

    No Skates on Escalator

  31. Renee

    It’s a new ploy designed by that terrible head on commercial! “Head on, apply directly to the forehead” “Head On, That Works On Elevator Music”

  32. not abe

    No Seating On Elevator.

  33. Jemppu

    I think Jacob Matthew might have gotten it right:
    (not necessarily the elevator in question, but the line seems to be used in the context).

  34. Jemppu

    I think Jacob Matthew might have gotten it right:
    (not necessarily the elevator in question, judging by the date, but the phrasing does seem to be used).

  35. Dusty

    it is loosely translated from northern gailec for “a beast leads all others”

    i dunno, could be wrong

  36. Slartibartfast

    No Mating On Elevator.

    Clearly intended to assist the public in their reproductive pursuits by encouraging privacy.

  37. Kakar!

    i believe it is a fat chick on her knees :D no really.

  38. Brian

    Fat People

  39. JimmyJimmeJimeh

    I’m thinking it was:


  40. Anon

    C’mon guys…
    Think Shawshank Redemption here. What does it sound like if you string them all together. It’s a bit of a stretch.
    Sound it out.

  41. deckel

    pronounced “oh-wah-tan-ay-hoe”… or slightly more suggestive, “oh what an A-ho’e”…

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