Tuesday, December 30th, 2008, 2:53pm ET

I’m on vacation! So I’m coming back at you next week on Tuesday! Even though I’m at peace with going this week without an update, you can go ahead and make fun of me if you want. I’m cool with it. All I know is aLp is still weekly after my week off and I’m still having fun.

I am hard at work on something – a birthday present for Elaine, who turns umpty-ump tomorrow! I’d show you what it is but there is the very, very small chance she might read this (she usually comes by only when the mailing list tells her to). All I’ll say is it does require a lot of the same activities that go into aLp. LIKE PROCRASTINATING LOLLLL

These are the two best things I got for Christmas:

Honestly I don’t know which one I love better. Joray Fruit Rolls are so good I literally almost cry when I eat them. They’re better than sex, at least in that they’re a whole lot cheaper to have 6 at a time. Thank you Elaine, for getting them for me, and also for forgiving me for that last sentence.

So yeah I got a PS3 too, which is really not good for getting anything done. I’m playing Prince of Persia right now, though it looks like LittleBigPlanet’s on the horizon. When I get a PSN ID, I’ll let you all know what it is, unless, like photos of me wearing my suit made of Joray Fruit Rolls, it’s something that should be kept private.

Reminder, follow me on Twitter which I seem to be able to update kinda frequently, and become a fan of aLp on Facebook, if for no other reason than all the cool people are doing it.



  1. Smitty D

    LittleBigPlanet is a LOT of fun…you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Antony

    I didn’t even notice the gaudy earrings until panel six. I lol’d afterwards.

    Another good one, Bernie.

  3. Antony

    Also, regarding LBP; I agree with Smitty that it’s crazy fun, but I seem to enjoy it very little when playing with others. I’d recommend trying it by yourself first, at least to see which way you enjoy it more. Although you’d better hope that you have extra controllers for when the game forces you to use multiple sackboys to get elaborately hidden prize bubbles. Assholes. ):

  4. StKev

    My Comment? All the best in the New Year. I know, I know, I’m either early or late. Depends on how you roll.

  5. Matt

    ah I cant believe you got some Joray Fruit Rolls… I LOVE THEM! ever since i found their website last fall I’ve ordered at least 6 times. Crazy that you found a box and love em as well! enjoy

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