Friday, December 5th, 2008, 1:52pm ET

EDIT: The star-rating system is currently down for repairs.

Hey! You can now give a rating, from 1 – 5 stars, to every episode in the archive and all episodes going forward. You see those tiny stars right underneath the comic on each page? Click the appropriate star based on how much you dig that comic relative to all the others in the aLp archive. It’ll even instantly update the average rating and total number of votes before your very eyes, via internet magic.

If you needed another excuse to read through the archives again, this is the best yet! Clicking on those stars is a lot of fun, take it from me. And pretty soon (not quite now) we’ll be able to have a convenient “Best Of” section that new readers can start with, and all you long-time fans can argue about.

Note that you can go to the Archive where each comic has its own set of stars, so if you’re so familiar with ‘em that you can remember ‘em just by their thumbnail, you can blitz through a bunch of ratings really quickly.

ALSO note the new Search box there on the right underneath the ad – you can’t search scripts of comics (yet), but you can search titles and their accompanying blog posts. And you can rate right from the search results.

LASTLY a quick reminder to VOTE for aLp at Top Web Comics!


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