Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008, 1:45pm ET

Some orders of business!

- I WordPressified the whole site! Among other things this means: 1) anyone can comment on any comic or post now without registering or logging in, 2) blog entries that aren’t tied to a specific comic will now appear as a “true” blog down here, updating with newer posts at the top, and 3) the tag system works better (e.g. here’s all the comics tagged “pee”). I apologize in advance if switching over to the WordPress RSS feed makes all your readers go haywire.

- The Holiday t-shirt sale is still on – 25% off the official aLp t-shirt for both men and women – that’s $12 instead of the usual $16 (+ shipping)! The only sizes I got left, though, are Men’s M and L, and Women’s S and XL. If you or your favorite aLp fan fits one of these sizes, this is your chance to be EVEN SEXIER THAN YOU ARE and proudly wear aLp across your chest without breaking the bank.

- Remember, we had a deal that you’re gonna help me get the word out that aLp is back. Right now I’m gonna go back to trying one of those “webcomic top lists” like I did a long time ago… so please VOTE for aLp on Top Web Comics once a day, every day… for today’s incentive if you vote you get to see a preview of what’s coming down the pipe…


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