Thursday, August 7th, 2008, 3:41pm ET

Like I said, I’m starting a new comic. It’s an editorial cartoon, except when it’s not. It’s called:


and it starts now now now. Hope you dig it – if you don’t, well sorry, it’s what I’m doing now… maybe I’ll get better at it as I go along. If you do dig, tell everyone you know!’ll be staying up – I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with it, I might eventually do more episodes, I might start taking guest spots – in any case if you were a fan, don’t worry, I won’t be totally ignoring it. The forum‘ll definitely stick around and serve new IYSS readers (should there be any), so keep hangin’ out there. To those of you who ordered stuff from the aLp Shop recently, THANK YOU! You’ll get your order soon.



  1. cfos

    Nice. I like them. I’m guessing you do all the artwork?

  2. Master Chainsaw

    The fact that his name is on the artwork would tend to suggest that.

    Be interesting to see how this goes.

  3. Acid Rain

    Didn’t like the 1st one (cracker), the other 3 made me laugh.

    Anybody click through all the volleyball asses? By the time I got to the end, the thrill was gone.

  4. Army of Darkness

    I understand what an ‘editorial comic’ is now, its the same thing I do on my website when I can be arsed to update the comic strip. Only I cant draw using a computer, and scanning in hand-drawn stuff is too laborious.

    IYSS is amusing though, if you understand the jokes.

  5. holokaustos

    Well, it’s about fucking time!!! Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce one talented cartoonist / satirist / humorist, Mr. Bernie Hou!!!

    Bernie, don’t give your decision over aLp a second thought. THIS is your calling. I am absolutely astounded that you are able to draw like this, yet never used it to your advantage! Are you KIDDING me?!?! I mean, aLp was good, but it was mostly on a ‘cute’ level, with your humor being the core of it all. Now, you’ve started to do something that will truly allow you to hone those skills and develop the obvious eye you have for satire and commentary.

    You’re going to alienate some of your hardcore aLp fans, but that’s okay, because you’ll gain so many more from IYSS. Besides, if the people at aLp are your true fans, and not simply fans of seeing a couple of Alien and Predator figurines in odd poses, then they’ll follow you and adapt to this new outlet of your talent.

    I always wondered if Bernie Hou had any ‘real’ artistic talent that didn’t involve taking pictures and using Photoshop. Now we know. Good luck on all of this. You have a new, revived, fan and I can’t wait to see how your talent grows as time goes by…

  6. Lunabella

    Yeah, I can pretty much agree with Holokaustos.

    Nifty drawing, snappy humor (although I’ll miss quite a few due to the fact that I’m not quite up to date on the events in the USA, but still)

    I’ll gladly wait for more of these.

  7. lol


  8. Aurelyn


  9. Twistys

    "Who will work as number two" That was so funny. I just watched the movie -Austin Powers, anyone- couple of days ago. I think, this scene might be the funniest scene in the whole movie.

    Edit: typo…

  10. Gilmour

    I’m sad to see it go, thanks for providing a good couple of characters. Right before I go to New York too.

  11. Gilmour

    And the new one looks good too. Sorry missed that.

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