Thursday, July 31st, 2008, 2:45pm ET

I’m just gonna come out and say it: Alien Loves Predator is coming to an end. This may seem sudden, since I recently just “came back”, or you may’ve seen it coming from a mile away. Either way I need to move on for a whole bunch of reasons, not the least of which is I gotta stop breaking promises to ya. BUT…

… I’m planning on starting a new comic, one that hopefully won’t be so frickin stressful for me to keep up (yeah, believe it or not aLp was hard work), and all of you’ll wanna stick around for it cuz 1) I’m writing it, and 2) Abe and Preston may make cameos in some form or another.

I’ll probably write up a more proper farewell post to aLp eventually, but for now, it’s more STAY TUNED until next week when I debut the new series right here. This site’ll keep humming along, and I’ll use the same forums so keep chatting away, and now it’s an imperative you subscribe to the mailing list, RSS, or LJ so you don’t miss the new series. To those of you who won’t be sticking around, thanks a ton for reading.


  1. Army of Darkness


    Oh well, its been a blast- good luck with the new venture Bernie, Im sure it will kick butt all the same as ALP.

  2. Simon_Says

    April fools was four months ago, Bern.

    I guess I’m going to make an archive binge and download all the comics and blogs.

  3. cfos

    Thanks for the enjoyment of this comic. Look forward to your next. Best of luck to you and family and I hope the Yao and Artest… discussions escalate thus ensuring a home court for the Jazz in the 2k9 playoffs.

  4. Purebreedalien

    :cry: What? I love this comic. What will the new one center around? :cry:

  5. mrgrooism

    Man, that’s a shame but it’s also the right move for you if it’s just not working for ya. I’m looking forward to seeing whatever it is up your sleeve.

    Hey, I’ve got bookmarked, if I come back here will there be a link to your new comic?

    Congrats on a fresh start, Bernie!!!

  6. Lunabella

    Too bad, but real life comes first, especially if you have a family to support hehe.

    A new comic sounds good, since it’s your humor that did most of the work.

    "RAPE! RAPE!!!"
    "You’re supposed to yell ‘fire’ when you get raped, not ‘rape’ when there’s a fire…"
    "Says you! RAAAAAPE!!!"

    And the forums stay up, so the community will keep going.

    Good job so far Bern, keep the spirit up!

  7. chuoming

    but why? i love ALP… esp abe…

  8. lol

    Sad, i will miss it. Please tho two things??

    1. An "ending" something funny, something shocking whatever.. try and stun us at the last moment!!

    2. Can we hold a vote the the best strip? (I vote for the one where the B/ball pitcher nails Jesus)

  9. monkeyjb1988

    We’ll miss aLp. I was hoping for a return by Corinna. I’ll come back for the new comic.

  10. Aurelyn

    Fair play. Thanks for all the entertainment Bernie!

  11. lol

    Dare i suggest it…..

    Can we have a contest to win the action figures you used….

  12. hagnat

    welll, it seems its true what they say, that all great things come to an end.
    i follow your comic since strip ~20 and you always amazed me with your sense of humor… and every friend i told about this commic felt the same.

    i imagine that if you do an awesome job in real life as you do in here you’ll be extremelly sucessful, bernieh, especially with your kids duet.

    great luck for thee, bernieh, and farewell

  13. TwoBuy

    All good things come to an end. Glad to have had it while it was here. Thanks Bernie.

  14. Munan

    The comic was great, the best webcomic I ever stumbled upon.

    Thanks, Bernie. It has been a pleasant three years since I first discovered your site.

  15. Sole Man

    Hello, none of you know me. I’m just going to post this once.

    I’ve loved ALP since Zeeve and Boris’ first appearnce in issue 46. I’ve loved it ever since. (Even though I didn’t get more than half the jokes- I was only ten!) Nevertheless, I loved it, and will continue to love it.
    My freinds also loved it. We even planned to mkae a stop-motion movie based around several plotlines (It never came to fruition thouigh)
    I understand that you had to end it, and do not protest your descion in anyway. I hope that in quitting it, you can lead a prosperous and happier life.
    I would like to end this tribute with following expert friom a song by the doors:

    This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end

    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    Ill never look into your eyes…again

  16. REGRET

    Aww man. And I was just starting to get into a groove.

    It’s a real shame, but I think we all respect your decision. Thanks for the wild ride, Bern.

  17. Purebreedalien

    *Sigh* any news on the new comic, Bernie?

  18. OmegaSupreme

    wow such a great run too this comic will be missed just wish i knew what happened to corina….

  19. MrCeleron

    I’ll be here for the next one (and the one after that).

  20. 1st Lt. Azrael

    Another webcomic coming to an end……….

  21. Sal

    that’s not exactly what i hoped to see after returning.

    c’est la vie.
    thanks for the amazing ride, Bernie, and best of luck.

  22. holokaustos

    Sorry to see that it took so long, but I’m glad you finally made a decision for aLp and your life. I hope the new comic is far easier on you. Remember: the one thread throughout this all has been your humor. Maintain that and your fans will follow you, regardless if it’s Abe and Preston, a pair of salt and pepper shakers, or a douche and a vagina. Just remain constant with your promised updates, okay?!?! :)

  23. jackh


    Do you check out the Facebook group at all? I just left a story for you on the wall over there.


  24. graylensman

    Bernie, kudos to you for (1) making a tough decision and (2) having the nads to be upfront about it. You could’ve just let aLp fade away, but you didn’t. I’m with everyone else here – the strip worked because you have a wicked sense of humor and a knack for making strong characters. I mean, who’d have seen Jesus signing with the Yanks?

  25. marvin_arnold

    Well, just created an account to say goodbye. It’s a pity, of course, but this comic was a gift from you to us all the time, so thanks for the good times…

    Please please please please: Do a farewell comic to end it properly. (No hurry, but please do it!) And if I may suggest: Let the end be about New York City, after all. Something grand like the ending of Woody Allen’s "Manhattan", with fireworks over Manhattan or something like that. This comic always was about The City That Never Sleeps. (If you can tie up some loose ends, even better…)

    Well, that’s it. Thanks and ‘Bye…

  26. LaurMarie

    What’s wrong with doing the same comic in a different medium?

  27. Tyris


    *shifts AlP from the Ace folder into the Finished folder*

    A pity. It was nice while it lasted.

  28. krdshrk

    Aww. Hate to see this end – I liked the series and the comedy of it.

  29. Army of Darkness

    LaurMarie wrote:
    What’s wrong with doing the same comic in a different medium?

    Maybe ‘we’ could takeover the site, and post our own fan based versions, like was done a while back by guest writers?….

  30. Lunabella

    Army of Darkness wrote:

    LaurMarie wrote:
    What’s wrong with doing the same comic in a different medium?

    Maybe ‘we’ could takeover the site, and post our own fan based versions, like was done a while back by guest writers?….

    I could try a guest comic haha, but I lack humor.

  31. Anthony

    i agree with marvin a farewell strip would be great speacially if it set the comic (you know Preston getting together with corina and abe well…..thats a bit more open i suppose he could get a girlfriend or he could die in a noble sacrifice or watever) but don´t get me worng i nearly fell apart when i read that it was over but i must say its been THE best comic of my life thanks bernie ill never forget aLp

  32. Lunabella

    Wow, you must have an amazing life, to find the end of ALP such an awful even that you nearly fall apart…

    Anyway, no worries, it’s still just a comic. More fun stuff out there as well.

  33. PredatorsPet

    I think I’m going to cry … end the aLp series it’s like a sin …. but I’ll survive … plus I am intrigued with this new comic you speak of I’m not one to ditch and go just because of fades so I’ll still be looking in ^_^….. I’m going to miss Abe a lot he was so pervy and stupid that’s like the second best kind of guy next to crazies like Preston (sigh) v_v

  34. General Grievous

    Seeing ALP ending… It’s just sad…

    I was around just after it began, but I didn’t think that I’d see it end.

    But thanks for keeping the site and forums up. There are plenty of great people around here, and I hope that someday ALP might be continued :)

  35. Lunabella

    General Grievous wrote:
    Seeing ALP ending… It’s just sad…

    I was around just after it began, but I didn’t think that I’d see it end.

    But thanks for keeping the site and forums up. There are plenty of great people around here, and I hope that someday ALP might be continued :)

    Well, not sure what Bernie would think about it, but a fan based comic now and then might also be good, to keep it alive. Depends on what Bernie’s plans are regarding the server he uses, and other things like if he wants to post them, if he likes the idea, etc.

  36. ForTheReels

    Hey guys, just joined here to say goodbye to ALP and link you to my ALP tribute strip, the url is

    Without a doubt, the largest influence on my work on For The Reels was Alien Loves Predator. It’s great photographic style was only surpassed by it’s side-splitting humor, and now that Bernie has decided to end the strip and move on to other things, it feels like the world has gotten a little bit colder, and darker. But, in remembrance of Abe and Preston, my brother and I decided to pay our respects and do and do a strip on the Alien vs. Predator movie (each of our strips is on a different movie) featuring those two characters.

    At first, I wasn’t sure how the joke was going to go, and I found myself stuck in this "when Preston met Abe" box. This is no way meant to be ALP canon (since we know that in Hou’s strip, Preston and Abe are aware of the AVP movies), but I figured it was the best way to go if I wanted to present the ALP style of humor. Plus, it kind of gave this "full circle" feeling since it involves Victoria’s Secret.

    The characters’ introduction in continuity can only be done by Bernie, the man himself, and if he ever chooses to do so and revisit his Abe and Preston, he will (although such a tale is unnecessary, in my opinion. It’s just as fun to assume that they’ve always been friends).

    I just consider this to be a "parallel universe" Abe and Preston, meeting for the first time in the AVP movie, where Preston was one of the Predators who arrived to hunt Aliens in the Antarctic pyramid structure.

    I’d like to give a big thank you to Bernie Hou for all of the laughs over the years and for inspiring me to bring laughs to others. I can only hope succeeds at someday meeting the standards you have set. ALP will be missed.

  37. Mako*

    Wow………….I loved this web comic but saw this coming a year ago Bernie nothing personal but I didn’t really expect u to stop so suddenly after saying u came back.
    W/e ur still cool man
    P.S. u should make one final web comic page of aLp

  38. angelus_raptor

    Have always enjoyed your comic, and always enjoyed re-reading them. Thank you for the wonderful comics, and my full support for your new comic thingy ;)

  39. Rikugan Chui Bloo

    Sucks for people who find the comic, read the whole thing, and find out there isn’t any more in the making.

    Really gonna miss this one. aLp’s the only web comic I’ve been interested in, ever. But real life comes first, especially with a family, and all that other stuff you probably have going on. Good luck with that new comic.

  40. dee

    i love predators and aliens, you cant end it!!!
    weekly is a bit hard to do so why not do monthly or every 2 weeks

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