Thursday, July 17th, 2008, 1:02pm ET

Sorry, I gotta take this week off cuz of a big work deadline. Here’s what I was gonna post last week though.

During the weekend of Rachel and Adrian’s 3rd birthday, we went out to Coney Island (2 days after the annual hot dog eating contest was held there). Coney Island’s great cuz it looks like nothing’s changed since World War II – the rides, the bars, the boardwalk, even the people who work there. After enjoying the aquarium (which is actually really nice), we went on to hit the rides, and lemme tell you, it’s awesome to have kids who are finally old enough to go on these things by themselves. Adrian was a big fan of the kiddie coaster, so much so that he kept on pointing at the Cyclone and saying he was going on that next (no dice, pal). Whenever Rachel gets off a ride, she jumps around gleefully and says, “that was SUPAH FUN!” – even the ones on which she spends the whole time with a look on her face like she’s about to throw up.

View of the Cyclone, and the beach, from the top of the (NYC landmark) Wonder Wheel:


Even the bathrooms were the same as they were a thousand years ago, which cost 25 cents to use:


The “THE NO PAY TOILET LAW DOES NOT APPLY HERE” sign is awesome, cuz not only is there no longer such a law since 1993, but even when there was a ban on pay public toilets in effect (imposed in 1975, since they were deemed discriminatory against women, as men could use urinals for free), what made these bathrooms immune? Is Coney Island some sort of independent country with their own jurisdiction, like the Vatican City? Or Strong Badia? Man, the people I would punch if I could carry around a sign like that.


  1. Acid Rain

    If I ever do get to NYC (plan is next year), the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone are close to top on the list. Great pictures.

  2. Army of Darkness

    Bah, I would have gone for a dump or piss in the nearest bush. Or on Bush’s head even…

  3. lol

    Im with Army.

  4. putts113

    You could get away with anything in Strong Badia. The King of Town has no idea what’s going on.

    Keep up the good work Bernie. ALP is taking over KL!!!

  5. BaconNeggs

    the bathroom thing coulda been a comic

  6. Broklynite

    The secret is that back in the day only the stupid tourists would pay the 25 cents. Everyone else either went into the ocean or under the boardwalk. Now, you can’t go under the boardwalk anymore, which I think is such a damned shame.

  7. IanBob

    There are free toilets on Coney Island now: the changerooms located across the street from shoot the freak, and there are spots where you can sneak in under the boardwalk: pretty sketchy down there, though.
    Also, Coney Island’s entirely private property, even surf avenue is privately owned, so there’s all sorts of shit they can get away with, such as the mostly-topless mermaid parades and etc.

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