Thursday, February 21st, 2008, 5:36pm ET

Anyone here watch Jon & Kate Plus 8? It’s the ongoing “day-in-the-life-of” reality show about this couple who had twin girls 7 years ago, tried for 1 more 3 years ago, and ended up with FREAKING SEXTUPLETS. All of Elaine’s mom friends keep asking her if we’ve seen it. Not like I watch TV anyway, but I’d personally avoided it cuz I just figured it’d be like the Osbournes or some other trashy reality show about some train wreck of a family.

Well we finally caved, mostly cuz Elaine was tired of introducing herself in her mom circles as “the one who hasn’t seen Jon & Kate Plus 8″… and it’s great! For starters, they’re a totally normal middle-class couple – normal jobs, normal looks, normal relationship; in fact, they’re so normal that anybody actually hoping to see total insanity will be disappointed. I have to admit there’s really nothing that a non-parent would find interesting about it, cuz all they talk about is the ridiculous amounts of laundry, groceries, toys, poop and pee there is but as a parent (especially with twins), I eat this shit up! (So to speak) It’s like… this is my life! Only with 6 more kids, but that’s just a gimmick to convince themselves this is worth showing on TV.

The best part that we saw was when Kate had to take 2 of the kids to the eye doctor and left the other 6, who didn’t have to go, with her sister for the afternoon. She was like, “I can’t believe what a RELIEF it is to ONLY deal with TWO KIDS.” OH SNAP. All of you parents of 7 or fewer kids… SUCK IT.

I also get why everyone poured the J&K+8 propaganda on Elaine especially thick: they’re an Asian guy/white girl couple, like us. And their kids all have that great mixed-breed look (but objectively, they’re not as good-looking as ours). So yeah I’ll admit, that does make me root for ‘em a bit more. This guy Jon’s like the Yao Ming of family reality shows.

Relatedly, Elaine’s going out partying out with her girlfriends from out of town tonight and crashing at a hotel in the city, so I’ve got Rachel and Adrian all to myself through tomorrow morning. After they’re done watching The Shining, I’m gonna teach ‘em to clean my handgun and then it’s lemon Pez for dinner!


  1. spindle

    dude….this is probably a bad thing, but that’s the way I’d let my kids have fun, let them sit there, watch a horror movie eating candy and junk food, then let them play with the firearms!
    Honestly, its better that they get used to them at an early age imo, that way, as long as they’re given a proper education about them, and know the proper safety necessities, then they’re not as likely to grow up and decide, ‘oooh, I’m in college and feeling really emo, FUCK THEM, I’MMA SHOOT THEM UP WITH MY AK-47 I BOUGHT ON THE RUSSIAN BLACK MARKET!!!!’ BAM BAMBAMABAMBAM!
    And yes, I’m STILL checking back daily, hoping you try something sneaky on us and give us some comic strips :wink: :wink: I’ve been going through some of the old ones again recently, they still make me laugh my ass off :P

  2. joebar32

    My wife got me hooked on them. I think they are awesomely normal, except for that whole sextuplets thing. Wait till you see the one where John asks Kate to pull the stick out of her ass and stop acting like a bitch. The best part is my wife sees how psycho Kate gets and recognizes that she does the same kind of things.

  3. Blaster

    I just saw a commercial for this today. Actually, I think they are going to be on Oprah or something.

  4. mrgrooism

    Wow, LEMON PEZ! They’re not just for breakfast anymore!

  5. MrCeleron

    Sounds like a good day.

    I wish I had some lemon pez…

  6. cfos

    Eight kids? I don’t see what the big deal is… then again, I’m currently living in Utah. :lol:

  7. Army of Darkness

    8 kids to look after, the horror. My parents had four of us to look after… would have been 5 if I hadnt killed my twin brother a few weeks into the pregnancy *only enough room for one of us in here fucker, out you go!*, but they coped well enough. I mean, its just a case of feeding, clothing and entertaining the little sods until they are old enough to do it for themselves- or travel the country like a freakshow and earn shitloads of $$$$.

    I hate kids, and never plan to have a family.

  8. skooby77

    My grandmother on my dad’s side had 7 kids, and my grandmother on my moms side had 9. I can only imagine the pains of taking care of all those kids. My wife and I decided to stop after 1 :D

    Oh, and Aaden is my favorite, he is so dang cute :)

  9. Hydrargentium

    Honestly, I don’t know why you keep referring to them by their nicknames, Adrian and Rachel. We all know their real names are Boris and Zeev. :wink:


  10. holokaustos

    My God, please tell me we’re closer to March 17…

  11. Army of Darkness

    Tomorrow is the big day- but, I have my concerns…

  12. Barnsey

    todays the day, and just as im leaving for work, im not seeing any new episode :( but hey, im in England, so i guess theres still time over in America to post it….right? god i hope so….

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