Monday, February 11th, 2008, 8:50pm ET

I owe you all an(other) explanation. It’s fine for a guy in my position to say, “I need a break for a bit.” It’s also fine for me to quit this site altogether. It’s fine for me to post nothing but cute pictures of my kids, continue to rake in the ad dollars on the strength of a popular webcomic I used to run and keep selling t-shirts to those of you who keep coming back here and ordering them for lack of anything new to do. Hell, apparently aLp is a finalist for “Outstanding Photographic Comic of the Year” at the “Webcartoonists’ Choice Awards” for the second year in a row, despite the fact that I made like 6 new comics all of last year, so hey, maybe I could keep up this racket for another 5 years.

What’s not fine is for me to keep stringing you along with rumors of new stuff coming “next week”, and “just one more week”, and “soon”. I feel like a total dick now that I’ve been doing that since Christmas. Folks are arguing about this in the forums now. I’m sure you’d rather I just said “Come back in 2010″ instead of feeding you this “soon” crap I’m dishing out. It’s kinda like a slot machine – it’s a stupid game that you can’t win, but just the slight, random chance that you might unexpectedly win is what keeps you playing. What you really need is for the casino to tell you “you’ll win on your 30th pull” and then you can decide whether it’s worth playing or not. If I were a casino I’d keep dicking you around (I’d also eat lobster more often), but since I’m not, I’m gonna level with ya. Again.

Two things are holding the next update up. 1) Work’s been insane again, and 2) the next installment of aLp involves a hell of a lot more work than any individual one in the past. So in addition to the fact that I haven’t had the time to work on it, it’s more ambitious than usual, which makes for a brutal combination. Will it be worth it? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that work is gonna keep me snowed under for another 3 weeks or so, and then I swear I’m gonna take one mother of a vacation, and I’m gonna sit down and crank the new aLp out. I’m gonna give myself a conservative deadline – if I don’t have it up by Monday, March 17, 2008, I’m gonna quit altogether and take up knitting.

In the meantime, though, I’m gonna try to make good on my promise to blog more here at least. There’s no good reason I can’t at least do that. It bugged me that I couldn’t motivate myself to say even a little something about the unbelievably awesome Super Bowl. So if you still insist on coming back here everyday, even though I’ve said what I just said above, at least maybe you’ll have something to do besides buy my merchandise and join the mailing list.

I love you all!


  1. jrock

    Thanks, dude! Looking forward to it!

  2. mrgrooism

    bernieh wrote:
    I owe you all an(other) explanation….

    I beg to differ, you owe us nothing! Oh sure, some feel that this is something you are required to do, but I for one understand how RL gets in the way.

    As I keep saying, I’ll keep checking, and if I hit, HEY! JACKPOT! It doesn’t cost me nuthin’, it’s just a quick click, then on to The Order of the Stick, Erfworld, Girl Genius, Atland, and my various message boards.

    Chill, Bernie, and do what you do when you do it!

  3. stargazer

    In the meantime, I’ve been wondering whatever happened to Preston and Corrina. Hell, you could’ve done a quick one on the Clintons or those spam guys or something to keep us amused.

  4. Sal

    look what you done, bastards! you made Bernieh promise an upcoming update again!

    looking forward to it, B. now you got me wondering what will be so ambitious about the new strip. 3-d, maybe? an actual movie instead of a photo collage? neuro transmition straight to our brains?

  5. nocturnal9

    It’s not a big deal for me to check your website for updates anymore. It’s not like it’s back in the day when I had to actively check for a new comic. Many of us have RSS feeds that alert us to any new changes, and it does it behind the scenes.

    Seriously, don’t worry about the broken promises, and don’t feel a need to give up all together. Just post a new comic whenever and ifever you’re in the mood, and our RSS software will find it!

    BTW, seeing you use the year 2010, then realizing it isn’t that *far* away… that was weird.

  6. DarthDidious

    No problem Bernie. We love you too.

  7. Army of Darkness

    Ambitious projects often over-run, but 9 times out of 10 they are worth the extra wait. And since this is ALP, Im certain it will be worth it too, so take as much time as you want/need, and dont worry about the moaning gits- we;ll happily continue to flame the,/eachother until the new episode is done. :P 8)

  8. MrCeleron

    No mailing lists for me. I have nothing better to do than check ALP at least 5 times a day. ;)

  9. Ticktockcitrus

    It’s ok, dude. It takes about two seconds of anyone’s life to see if the comic’s been updated, you have a legitimate excuse, the forums are damned fun all by themselves, and I think it’s awesome that you’ve managed to keep the comic going for as long as you HAVE.

  10. Marquis

    It has been a while since I weighed in on anything in the forums…but you should take the time to do what you have to do.

    We can handle to the wait.

  11. monkeyjb1988

    Take your time man. We’re in no rush. I’m sure we all know how life can intervene sometimes. Just do the best you can. I’ll keep coming back to check. Remeber, take your time. We’ll wait. :D

  12. spindle

    if it so happens that you absolutely must take up knitting, then at least make it where Abe and Preston take it up as well as you!

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