Thursday, December 27th, 2007, 1:22pm ET

Apparently Christmas was this week. Who knew? So I won’t have anything new for you until next week. We’ll kick off the new year right.

How was AvP:R? It looks like it’s getting hammered by the critics – at least the critics who bothered to review it. I’ll probably go see it eventually anyway; a lot of these guys wouldn’t know a good movie if it hugged ‘em in the face.

And how was your Christmas? Mine was totally great, and absolutely exhausting. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen your 2.5-year-old son jump on his new trampoline, or your 2.5-year-old daughter try to call Baby Jesus on her toy phone.


  1. DarthDidious

    My Chirstmas was awesome….except for AVP:R

    I don’t mean to ruin any excitement people may have for seeing it, but I really don’t think there’s much about this movie that is redeeming. I’m a guy who thought AVP1 was a pretty good movie. Requiem is just….well, I’d rather everyone saw it for themselves first.

    Merry Christmas Bernie (and a Happy New Year). Looking forward to the new comic.

  2. Army of Darkness

    Hmm, maybe AVP:R is like all tse dance/rave albums; the tv advert looks amazing (since they just used the best bits to make it), but the actual movie is a bit disappointing as a whole. Still, so long as there are guns, aliens and predators, I’ll be happy no doubt. Crimbo was fairly average for me- some good presents, some not so good (to ebay with ya), but there was plenty of food to eat, and booze too. Just the way I like it.

  3. MrCeleron

    1. Too bad about AVP:R.

    2. New action figure for the comics from AVP:R perhaps?

    3. I was sick for christmas but my new 24" monitor made me feel much better.

  4. mrgrooism

    I had a very good Christmas, got to see family and friends, everyone was happy, good times! Haven’t seen ALP:R, oops, I mean AVP:R yet, but despite the PUMMELING it’s taking, I still want to see it.

  5. Ipsa

    bernieh wrote:
    your 2.5-year-old daughter try to call Baby Jesus on her toy phone.

    The Dallas Morning News printed some childrens’ letters to Santa. I especially liked the one in which a little boy stated he prayed to God to make Santa a Christian.

    I kinda just wanted socks and didn’t get ‘em, but otherwise Christmas was okay.

    Happy upcoming New Year…!

  6. Naraku-sama

    Don’t let yourselves be discouraged by the bad reviews AvP:R got, it’s still a kick-ass movie :D

  7. lol

    No, no its not.

    If we keep paying to see this crap, crap is all they will serve us.

  8. Tsugaru

    Just joined, and I must say, your comics are absolutely hilarious! XD I read (and reread) them ALL the time. ^^

    @ lol: Well then, apparently I like crappy movies.

  9. lol

    Really? then you must love Madonnas movies.

  10. Tsugaru

    On top of Madonna movies, I also love watching Alien vs. Hunter, I am Omega, and Transmorphers.

    I never said I loved AVPR, I said I liked it. And I’d rather see it again (and probably WILL see it again) than watch most, if not all, other movies out in theaters right now.

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