Tuesday, October 16th, 2007, 12:37am ET

SPX was a hoooot. Thanks to all those of you who came out to say hi – we’ll have to do it again the next time when my throat isn’t killing me.

Special thanks to:

- Chris, my partner in a desperate late night trek for beer through deserted Bethesda, across some scary abandoned train tracks
- Colleen, for the CHEST BUMPS
- Dave, who was sharing my hotel bed with me on Friday night but went to sleep in the closet cuz he wasn’t man enough to handle my snoring
- Nick, for the tip on Paprika. THAT IS ONE TRIPPY MOVIE
- Aaron, whose comic, Dresden Codak, is a rare new must-read
- Ashleigh, for being a devoted fan, buying a t-shirt, and giving me subway fare to DC for the first leg of my trip home
- that girl who gave me some Korean pastries, saving me from certain starvation

Not sure where or when I’m gonna be at a con next, but I hope it’s soon, and somewhere near you!


  1. Blaster

    Am I the only one who read that as "Back from SEX?"

  2. Army of Darkness

    Yes, you are :lol: .
    Sounds like the B man had a good time- not a stuffy business trip, but an exciting cross country trek with the usual weird happenings and random people you tend to meet along the way. Personally, I love seeing the pics from comic book/ film conventions with all the people dressed up as their favourite characters- I would love to dress up as something cool, but we dont have that much in the UK, and certainly not in my neck of the woods. We am farmers down in old Devonshire…..

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